I am a 2001 graduate of the master's degree program in Vocational Rehabilitation. In completing this program, I have obtained extensive skills and knowledge that have significantly impacted my career. The well-rounded education provided prepared me for a variety of employment opportunities in my field. Since graduation, I have maintained two different forms of employment and thought that I was well prepared for each position given my education at Stout.  Additionally, I couldn't thank the faculty staff enough for their ongoing support and efforts!

Mandy Showalter, MS, CVE
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Saint Cloud VA Medical Center

I am a graduate of the BS and MS vocational rehabilitation programs. Stout provided me with a sound and useful education. I really do not know where I would be today if I had not attended the MSVR program at Stout. I left Stout in December in 1976 with a M.S. in Vocational Evaluation. The education that Stout provided is beneficial, pragmatic and quality based. I worked for the State of New Mexico DVR for four years as a VR Counselor and the Albuquerque Public Schools for 22 years. I was hired six years ago by the VA as a consultant only because I had a degree from Stout. This has been a recurring pattern through my career. The name "Stout" always carried a lot of weight.

Rod Van Dyke


It is difficult to describe something that has made such a profound and everlasting impact on my life. The MSVR program at UW-Stout has not only shaped me into a well-rounded, competent professional, it has also made me a better person. I will forever look at the vocational rehabilitation program as home and the faculty and staff as family.

Natasha Lemler, MS, CRC, CVE
Rehabilitation Counselor


I found the course work in the MSVR program to be extremely relevant. After graduation, I was easily able to apply what I learned in the classroom to a real work setting. The program also prepared me for success on the certification exam for rehabilitation counselors and made me extremely competitive for positions in the field. As a result of experienced and committed faculty, I became involved with professional organizations and research before and after graduation. The reputation of the MSVR program at Stout simply sets me apart from graduates of other programs. I am proud to have my MS degree from Stout's MSVR program!

Amanda McCarthy, M.S., CRC, CVE, LPC
Rehabilitation Counseling Clinical Faculty

The MSVR program at UW-Stout has a well-deserved national reputation for the quality of education and training provided to its students. This program has laid a solid foundation for my career in rehabilitation. After working in the field, I see that I have a competitive edge from my training at Stout that graduates from other regional programs are lacking. The program's excellent curriculum is matched by the exceptional nature of its instructional team. My sincere appreciation goes out to the superior staff, making the caliber of the MSVR program at UW-Stout top-notch.

Lindsey Baker, MS, CRC, CVE
Deaf Blind Rehabilitation Counselor

UW-Stout has a wonderful reputation in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation. This reputation has far exceeded my expectations and I am proud to be an alumni. This program gave me many opportunities I didn't know existed and lasting professional relationships that are invaluable. The Master of Science in Vocational Rehabilitation program prepared me to be a well-rounded professional. The instructors were all knowledgeable and passionate about Vocational Rehabilitation.

Shawn L. Zimmerman, M.S., CRC, CVE
Certified Vocational Evaluator


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