Spring 2013 Graduates

May 2013 Graduates
Congratulations to the May 2013 MSRC graduates.
(l-r front row) are Shawn Wenzel and Mesfer Alwadai,
(l-r back row) include Ali Albulayhi, Cody Weber, Jeremy Ralston, Avelino Torres, Kristan Rhiel and Abdulaziz Alajlan.
Not pictured are Stephen Gauger, Tony Lechleitner and Gundeep Singh.

December 2012 Graduates

December 2012 Graduates 
Congratulations to the December 2012 MSRC graduates.
(l-r) are Benjamin Ebner, Christopher Goodman, Fahad Alkhalifi and Samantha Becker. Not pictured is Amit Shrestha.

May 2012 Graduates

May 2012 Graduates
Congratulations to the May 2012 MSRC graduates.
Front row (l-r): Chee Chia Moua and Thamer Alaydaa
Back row (l-r): Ashley Neby, Luke Krumenauer and Ruth Wright

MSRC December 2011 Graduates

December 2011 Graduates
Congratulations to the December 2011 graduates (standing l-r)
Matthew Surdick, Nichole Carpenter-Speller, and David Uetz.
Other students that graduated this semester that are not pictured are
John Englund, James Linehan, William Tealey.

May 2011 MS Risk Control Graduates

May 2011 Graduates
Congratulations to the May 2011 graduates (kneeling l-r)
Darshenee Ramlakhan, Ryan Olson and Mike Janak, and (standing l-r)
Kirk Zeurlien, Robert Holveck, Craig Hagen, Paul Schulz,
Juan Carlos Gamboa Porras, and Joshua Schmidt
Not pictured are Clint Christy, Andrew Nyman, and Craig VasAsten

MS Risk Control December 2010 Graduates

December 2010 Graduates
Congratulations to the December 2010 graduates (kneeling l-r)
Thomas Meyer, Joshua Smith, and Luke Voshell;
and (
standing l-r) Matthew Market, Scott Rud, Ashley Bigham,
Kara Edwards-Husby, Travis Loeffler, Jason Creaser and Kris Zwicky.
Not pictured are Douglas Moilanen, Jonathan Morgan,
Timothy Myers and John Loff-Peterson.

MSRC May 2010 Graduates

May 2010 Graduates
Congratulations to (kneeling left to right) James Spear and
Tyler Murphy, and (standing l to r) Benjamin Nicholson,
Adam Rittel, Christopher Fasching, Jason Tiegs, Sultan Alanazi,
Amnesty Kochanowski, Joshua Check and James Hicks.
Not pictured is Jonathan Hostasa.


December 2009 Graduates
Congratulations to (l-r) Adam Fechhelm, Keriann Perna, Ben Close,
Jimmy Parilek and Brad Luedtke.
Not pictured are Ben Wood and Jennifer Sheffer.

MSRC Class of 2009

May 2009 Graduates
Congratulations to (left to right) Shannon Gipson, Trent Noecker,
Jesse Meltz, and Hattan Matar. Not pictured is Luke Digman.

December 2008 Graduates
Congratulations to (left to right) Dexter Covey, Tyler Kostiuk and Kaprice Knaup. Not pictured in this photo is Diane Hunter.

May 2008 Graduates
Congratulations to (left to right) Chad Stuart, Mukesh Shreevastav, Valerie Hannon, Andrew Englund, Lance Dockter and Cody Davidowski.


Left Photo — Spring 2007 Graduates
Congratulations to (left to right) Mary Aderinto, Robert Ziewacs, Noah Starr,
Jennifer Schumann, John Backus and Mark Oberstar.

Right Photo — Fall 2007 Graduates
Greg Carlson. Not pictured are Phillip Feutz, Justin Gillette,
Jorgen Lindquist and Robert Mathias.