Field Problems

A field study problem applies information learned throughout your graduate coursework on a project with a regional company. The project is done independently and written in the form of a research paper.  Sample projects of previous students are listed below.

  • Quick response tool and die manufacturing

    Scott Smith   »   Adviser: Thomas Lacksonen

  • Value Stream Mapping of a rubber products manufacturer

    Jeffrey Carr   »   Adviser: Ned Weckmueller

  • Reduction of chloride in waste water effluent with utilization of Six Sigma

    Michael Bodoh   »   Adviser: John Dzissah

  • ERP software selection for a small company in western Wisconsin

    Sia Thao   »   Adviser: James Keyes

  • Developing a waste stream map to lean-out waste handling operations in a manufacturing setting

    Heli Hernandez   »   Adviser: James Keyes

  • Decreasing inventory cost through increasing inventory turnover

    Bradley Krings   »   Adviser: James Keyes

  • SC2 green sand additive trial
    Michael Hutter   »   Adviser: James Keyes


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