The Food and Nutritional Sciences program sets a goal to develop students who:

  • Have a comprehensive knowledge base regarding food sciences and nutrition topics and are able to apply this knowledge through the appropriate use of advanced communication technologies and strategies
  • Excel in the design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of food and nutrition research,
  • Demonstrate creative, critical and strategic thinking skills that can be applied to food and nutrition issues,
  • Formulate a philosophical and ethical approach to their work,
  • Compete for, attain and succeed in positions in food science industries, food safety, food packaging, clinical and public health nutrition, and nutrition education. 


A program plan outlines the courses that you will take in your concentration; it must be completed by you and your program director.

Courses numbered 500 or greater are restricted to graduate students. Seventeen of the 34 total credits must be taken at 700 level or above. See the Graduate Bulletin and course descriptions:

Program plans for the concentrations prior to Fall 2013:

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