I was able to complete my graduate degree in a minimal amount of time. Classes were offered in various locations, making it easy to attend. Internet class and video classes were a plus.

Patrice Wisneski, M.S.

The completion of my degree has affected me in several ways. As a returning adult student, it was a personal accomplishment. I am more confident in my ability to perform in the classroom as well as being an example to others of life long learning. I also feel that I am more prepared to compete in today's workforce with my degree.

Jacqueline Newman, M.S.

A close relationship enabled a bond between faculty and students. I appreciated the direction and advice from the professors. These teachers in the field provided expertise and good instruction — they knew me as an individual and could assess my work.

Dorothea Macon, M.S. 

I chose the MSCTE program at UW-Stout because of the opportunity to complete my coursework online. The flexibility of course offerings – face-to-face, hybrid and online with night and weekend availability – was a perfect fit for me as I juggled the responsibilities of a family and a career. Even though I was miles away, everyone at UW-Stout made me feel like I was part of a community and encouraged my personal and professional development every step of the way. The courses are challenging and the professors have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend the MSCTE program to anyone interested in furthering their career in adult education.

Melissa Henderson, M.S.