This flexible program requires a minimum of 30 credits for completion. Individual programs are planned jointly by the student and the program director to emphasize both theory and application. Skills, knowledge, and aptitudes required to achieve the student's individual career goals are matched with graduate level learning experiences. 

Non-traditional students participate in a summer immersion class

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Program Concentrations

Learners entering the program will select elective course work in the areas of education philosophy, education psychology, leadership and program administration, curriculum, facilitation and management of learning, and evaluation to meet their career goals. The program requires core courses in preparation for research with an additional 10-14 credits in one of the following concentration areas selected by the student:

  »  Teaching

Includes course work on learning styles, authentic evaluation methods, curriculum development, and teaching methods and strategies. Technical and occupationally oriented coursework can also be selected to update and expand knowledge and skills in these areas.

  »  Administration

Students receive a background in supervision, quality principles, staff development, group leadership, and team based management in preparation to be department head coordinators or administrators.

  »  Marketing and Business Education  (teachers and coordinators)

Teachers and coordinators in marketing education and business education can both update and expand their knowledge of teaching strategies and marketing-related concepts.


  »  Career and Technical Education Coordinator

This Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction approved concentration provides the background typically needed to work with administration on the secondary level. For more information visit the CTE Certifications web page.

CTE Coordinator Program Plans and Course Schedule:


Wisconsin Technical College System Teaching Certification

Students in the program may also incorporate WTCS teaching certification into their degree plan. For more information visit the CTE Certifications web page.


From a CTE graduate student:

"I chose the M.S. CTE program at UW-Stout because of the opportunity to complete my coursework online. The flexibility of course offerings  — face-to-face, hybrid and online with night and weekend availability — was a perfect fit for me as I juggled the responsibilities of a family and a career. Even though I was miles away, everyone at UW-Stout made me feel like I was part of a community and encouraged my personal and professional development every step of the way. The courses are challenging and the professors have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend the M.S. CTE program to anyone interested in furthering their career in adult education."

Melissa Henderson
, M.S.


Deanna SchultzDeanna Schultz, Ph.D.
Program Director


Year-round Enrollment

Applications are accepted at any time, but preferably at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester. 

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CTE Certifications

Other Education Certifications

UW-Stout also offers Professional Development Certificates. Prepare for teaching in blended or virtual online classrooms or training in e-learning settings.

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