»  Part One: Graduate School Application

Graduate School applications must contain: 

  1. Complete the online Graduate School Application
  2. Pay the $56 non-refundable application fee
  3. Submit official baccalaureate transcripts and transcripts for any previous graduate coursework completed

More information is available at the Graduate School website. Questions about applying to graduate school can be directed to gradschool@uwstout.edu or 715-232-2211.

  »  Part Two: Program Application

The following materials should be provided electronically to the Admission Application Examiner. 

  1. Statement of goals related to the program
  2. Resume or curriculum vita
  3. Two letters of recommendation (one from current supervisor preferred) indicating the applicant's qualifications as a graduate student

Completed applications must be submitted via email to the Admission Application Examiner. You may also contact the Admission Application Examiner for questions regarding program application.

Admission Application Examiner: Beth Uetz
uetzb@uwstout.edu | 715-232-1322


Deanna SchultzDeanna Schultz, Ph.D.
Program Director


Year-round Enrollment

Applications are accepted at any time, but preferably at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester. 

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