The program is designed with 21 credits or core curriculum, accompanied by concentration-specific courses. The first three semesters of study are full-time, on-campus academic course work.  The final semester incorporates a Thesis or Field Problem, and Internship requirement.

Program Plans

Prior Program Plan (2011-12)  [PDF]
    • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
    • Evaluation Research

Core Curriculum Course Descriptions

  • PSYC-790 Research Design and Analysis I
  • PSYC-792 Research Design and Analysis II
  • PSYC-750 Foundations of Evaluation Research
  • PSYC-707 Applied Social Psychology
  • PSYC-793 Psychometrics of Test Construction
  • PSYC-710 Applied Psychology Seminar I
  • PSYC-711 Applied Psychology Seminar II
  • PSYC-712 Applied Psychology Seminar III
  • PSYC-752 Practicum in Applied Psychology
  • PSYC-890 Applied Psychology Internship
  • PSYC-770 Thesis in Applied Psychology
  • PSYC-835 Field Problem in Applied Psychology

Concentration Course Descriptions

Evaluation Research

  • PSYC-751 Applications of Evaluation Research 
  • INMGT-750 Organizational Development
  • HDFS-575 Grantsmanship for Non-profits

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

  • PSYC-771 Psychological Foundations of Health Promotion
  • PSYC-772 Psychological Applications of Health Promotion

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • PSYC-781 Personnel Psychology
  • PSYC-782  Organizational Psychology