M.S. Degree in Applied Psychology

Do you like trying to apply Psychology
to figure out why things happen?

Do you enjoy the process of discovery
through the gathering of new information?

Do you want to apply Psychology to the real world,
but aren't interested in a clinical career?

If you answered yes to these questions, the Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology may be right for you!

  • The Master of Science in Applied Psychology (MSAP) program at UW-Stout offers a hands-on experience in solving real-world problems using Psychological theories, principles and research methods.

  • The MSAP program takes a practical approach to answering real world  problems and gives its students the tools necessary to succeed immediately upon graduation.  

  • In addition to a core curriculum, students gain further expertise in one or more concentration areas: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Health Promotions and Disease Prevention or Evaluation Research.

One Program — Three Concentrations

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Examines the behavior of people at work in group settings in the areas of employee motivation, personnel research, recruitment and selection, and job design methodology.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Applies psychological principles to understanding and remedying real-world health problems, through promoting health and preventing disease.

Evaluation Research

Uses analytical methods and data-driven decision making to assist businesses, non-profits, and government organizations in assessing the effectiveness of programs/policies, determining organizational and client needs, and measuring the integrity of program implementation.

Program Video


Time to Complete
Two + years full time
42 credits



Approximate Cost
In-state – $17,600
Out-of-state – $35,000


Program Size
Cohorts are comprised of 10 to 20 students (36 applied in 2013). Throughout the program you work closely with peers on group projects, sharing, collaborating and growing as a team.