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Science and technology have always gone hand in hand. Without science, there would never have been technology, and with technology, greater strides are possible in science. Because of this relationship, society has advanced at a more rapid pace than at any time in history – and it doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon. The future is in the hands of upcoming generations, and they need talented teachers to show them the way. If you like science and technology, and have a talent for teaching, the field of Technology and Science Education needs you.

UW-Stout's B.S. in Technology and Science Education program offers you a major teaching certification in technology education and a major or minor certification in biology, chemistry or physics. UW-Stout is the only university or college in the state of Wisconsin that provides a Bachelor of Science degree that combines both Technology and Science Education.

To fulfill the requirements of the program, you'll complete general education, technology, science and education courses. You'll also complete required teaching courses specifically in technology and science education. Pre-student teaching experiences in both middle and high school classrooms as well as a semester-long student teaching experience will be required.

Upon completion of the Technology and Science Education program, you'll be able to:

  • Create learning experiences that make technology and science meaningful for students

  • Provide learning opportunities that support students' intellectual, social and personal development in the context of technology and science education.

  • Design instruction based on sound knowledge of technology and science, related disciplines, students and the community.

  • Encourage your students' development of critical thinking, problem solving and performance skills to prepare for life in a technologically and scientifically sophisticated society.

  • Develop instructional opportunities adapted to diverse learners, including those with disabilities and exceptionalities.

  • Cultivate professional relationships with colleagues, parents and agencies in the community to support student learning.

The program curriculum was developed by faculty members from both the Applied Science program and the School of Education. The courses for the technology teaching major certification – and for the science teaching certification majors and minors – are aligned to the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards and approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. There are no other colleges/universities in the state of Wisconsin that offer a collaborative interdisciplinary degree in Technology and Science Education.

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