B.S. Degree in Psychology

Psychology is the systematic study of behavior, particularly the behavior of individuals, their actions, reactions and motivations. The goal of this program is to prepare you to contribute to the improvement of the human condition. If you care about people, and want to help them, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology is a great place to start.

The major, in combination with course work in communications, mathematics, humanities and natural and social sciences, fulfills the requirements of a liberal arts degree, which meets the criteria for graduate school or for an entry-level position in the work force.

As a student entering the program, you should realize you must obtain graduate-level education or other advanced training before being accepted as a professional psychologist. The majority of students continue their education at the graduate level. The Psychology program at UW-Stout is designed to enable you to select the courses and experiences which best match your personal interests and your planned career path.

As one of our 350 to 400 students, you’ll be exposed to a strong foundation in psychological theory and application, and a wide variety of viewpoints for understanding behavior.

Preparing For Stout

Algebra, writing and science are recommended as important course background if you want to study in the psychology program. Advanced math instruction can be useful in understanding research. Computer skills and work experience also prove valuable.

Starting Out

As a beginning freshman, you’ll meet with the program director and your first-year advisor during your summer orientation and receive information and assistance regarding appropriate courses and scheduling needs. The required course work is begun the first semester and built upon each semester after. You are advised to enroll in courses in a timely fashion. This provides continuity for development of knowledge.

As You Progress

Each course in the curriculum has been developed to build upon previous knowledge, providing you with the opportunity to learn and grow as you master the concepts and principles of psychological thought. You also have the opportunity to investigate specific professional applications such as clinical, counseling, developmental, experimental, social and applied psychology.

As you progress to more advanced course work, you’ll develop a strong foundation in research methodology. Opportunities for hands-on learning are available in the research and experimental laboratories, and include faculty support for you to design and develop personal research projects. Possibilities for personalized learning through field experience and work cooperatives also exist. One of the unique aspects of the undergraduate program is the opportunity for you to learn through personalized experiences under the guidance of a faculty member.

Entry Positions

A high percentage of graduates go immediately into graduate programs, either for master's degrees in school counseling, mental health, human resource management, or into programs in clinical or cognitive neuroscience or experimental, developmental or applied psychology. A small percentage of graduates go into professional studies in law, medicine or science.

Because the program offers an opportunity for students to develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, many graduates go directly into the work force and are employed in a variety of areas. Many find employment in the human services areas of preprofessional counseling or social work. Others go into management, sales, business or human resource management.

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