Advisement FAQ

Who is my advisor?

Advisors are assigned to all incoming freshmen and transfer students. Additionally, an MBE department advisor will be assigned to assist in the process of scheduling classes and program planning. MBE department advisors are committed to supporting their students throughout the entire program experience.

Freshmen and Transfer student Advisor:

Vicky Thomas
11 Bowman Hall

MBE Department Advisors:

Urs Haltinner
102 Communication Technologies Bldg.

Debbie Stanislawski
102 Communication Technologies Bldg.

What is advisement day, and how do I schedule a time to meet with my advisor?

 Advisement Day is an academic calendar day in which you are required to meet with you advisor for important program information.

Marketing and Business Education students can sign up for an advisement day session during the month of Advisement Day on the board outside 102 Communication Technologies Building. You can also contact your advisor with questions or concerns.

When do I need to take my PPST?

The PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test) is required for teacher certification by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Passing the PPST is required prior to acceptance into the teacher education program. A passing score on the PPST is also a required component of the SOE Benchmark I: Acceptance into Teacher Education Program and Pre-Student Teaching Experiences.

For more information about preparing for the test, test registration, dates and locations, visit the Educational Testing Service website.

Where do I find information on minors? How do I add a minor?

Minors are a sequence of related courses consisting of 15 or more semester hours of credit. Information on minors offered at UW-Stout can be found by exploring the academic minors websites.

Minors can be declared by completing the "Applying for a Minor" online survey. Once this information has been completed and processed your will receive an e-mail confirmation from the Advisement Center.

What extra classes do I need to take to get the Business Administration minor?

Take ECON-215 Principles of Economics II as an elective, and you will meet the requirements for a Business Administration minor. ECON-215 is required for the Business Education certification.

What if I want to work in marketing? Is this the right major for me?

The Marketing and Business Education major is the right fit for anyone that is interested in both education and business and industry careers. The Marketing and Business Education program combines general education studies with marketing and business technical courses and professional education courses for a program of study that provides graduates with employment opportunities in both education and business settings.


For answers to questions not addressed here, contact the program director at the address, telephone, or e-mail address listed on the Contact Information page.