B.S. Degree in Health, Wellness and Fitness

It has been said that health is a person's greatest treasure. Yet, preventable diseases are at an all-time high. The trouble is that people often don't connect their actions with the outcomes: they don't realize that the foods they eat and their level of activity directly affects their health. The solution for a healthier population is to educate people about how their bodies work, what their bodies need, and how best to take care of themselves. If you want to be a part of the solution, this is the program for you.

The Health, Wellness and Fitness program will prepare you to enter the healthcare arena as a preventative healthcare worker. You'll become knowledgeable about the causes of the major controllable health care issues in society today as well as those we face in the future. You'll gain the skills needed to help others develop healthier lifestyles to combat major controllable health issues such as obesity and diabetes, as well as various coronary diseases and conditions.

Not only will you learn about these preventable problems, you'll also learn business management skills that will give you a competitive edge when entering the profession. The program integrates the professional areas of nutrition, fitness, health education, business procedures, management and community health to prepare you to become a prevention specialist.

Two concentrations -- Health and Wellness Promotions and Fitness Professional – allow you to focus your studies in a particular area of interest.

The Health and Wellness Promotions concentration will help you move into the corporate sector working with wellness programs for businesses and not-for-profit organizations that seek to improve the overall health of their employees. This area also prepares you to work within the health insurance industry. There are several certifications available for you in this concentration.

The Fitness Professional concentration is for those interested in fitness programs, health clubs and community recreation programs at the managerial level. In this concentration, you'll be eligible for certification as a Strength and Conditioning professional or as an Individual and Group Fitness Instructor. Many certifications are currently available; however, these are the certifications that are most commonly required by employers.

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