B.S. Degree in Career, Technical Education and Training

Since 1918, UW-Stout has been a pioneer in preparing quality instructors for career, technical education, and training (CTET). Recognized nationally and internationally, this program attracts students from across the country and around the world.

This program prepares you to teach in post-high school settings such as junior colleges, public and private technical colleges, and industrial training programs. As a graduate, you’ll train and retrain adult workers in the critical skills needed in today’s rapidly changing world.

To ensure that the curricula meets your needs and the needs of the community you will serve, the CTET program works closely with its advisory committee, as well as private industry and technical institutions. The program is unique in its willingness to meet the special needs of students. The primary goal of the program is to ensure that you are well qualified to enter the fields of education or industrial training.

The B.S. in Career, Technical Education and Training program is offered exclusively as a customized instruction program for non-traditional students. Customized programs are designed specifically for adults unable to attend campus during the typical workday. Coursework will be delivered online, weekends and/or evenings. All students will be charged the customized instruction tuition rate for all of their coursework regardless of where they reside. This customized instruction tuition will pay for the entire cost of instruction

Education Careers

Graduates have gone on to teach in such diverse subject areas as automotive technology, laser technology, diesel technology, building construction, food service, machine technology, optometric assistant, drafting, dental assistant and many more. With 4,000 hours of work experience, graduates are able to be certified to teach in Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges. In addition, many opportunities exist to teach in private schools and in other states.

Industrial Training Careers

If your goal is to be a trainer in business or industry, then UW-Stout’s BSCTET program provides many opportunities unavailable in other technical teacher education programs. Included in the curriculum is all the course work needed for industrial training. Rather than student teaching in a school setting, you will serve an internship in an industry-training program.

Preparing for UW-Stout

The BSCTET student is often a graduate of a technical college, who, after working several years, has decided to become a certified teacher or trainer. In addition to the students on campus full time, the BSCTET program serves the needs of more than 150 off-campus distance learners who are currently teaching while they earn a college degree.

Employment Opportunities

Growth in public and private vocational-technical schools, post-secondary training, and vocational and avocational adult higher education has produced a corresponding need for qualified CTET teachers. Graduates with both a degree and related work experience are in particular demand. The course work in training and human resource development also serves as appropriate credentials for positions as trainers in business and industry, an area that is rapidly expanding because of changing technology.

Entry Positions

Most graduates from the program take jobs teaching in vocational, technical and adult settings both in colleges and industry. Others continue their education in UW-Stout's  M.S. in Career and Technical Education graduate program. Those who teach will generally earn a salary greater than the usual beginning salary because they receive credit for their previous work experience.

Graduates from 2012–13 reported average beginning salaries ranging from $24,000 to $76,000, with average salary of $54,000. These salaries are for an academic school year and usually do not include the summer months. Salaries for positions in other settings vary. The majority of program graduates have previously taught in the technical college system.

Career and Technical Education Executive in Residence Program

Showcasing the career successes
of UW-Stout graduates.

February 24-25, 2015

USDLA Certification

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UW-Stout is proud to be the first university in Wisconsin to be certified for excellence in distance education practices.

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