B.S. Degree in Art Education

You’re a talented artist. You’re great with kids. You enjoy showing people how to create things. Although teaching can be complex and demanding, your gifts are the right combination for a successful career in Art Education.

Kids are the future. Nothing is more important than their education and development. Being an art educator is an enormous responsibility — one that involves understanding student learners, child development, artistic development and how each student learns things a little differently.

If you’re up to the challenge, UW-Stout can help you develop the tools you need to be a success. Some of the skills we’ll help you develop include:

  • Knowledge of art and design and its history, as well as visual culture.

  • An understanding of new technologies for art education, such as e-portfolios and software programs.

  • Artistic skills in a variety of 2-D and 3-D art making.

  • Planning art lessons that are challenging, appropriate, and that allow students to think critically and imaginatively.

  • Communication and leadership skills that can foster positive classroom learning environments.

  • Dispositions of preparedness, reflective thinking, responsive listening, continuous learning, collaboration and respectfulness.

  • Specific techniques for working with different types of people, and teaching art in K-12 public school settings with diverse learners.

The UW-Stout Art Education program results in a B.S. degree in Art Education with K-12 certification in art. The degree program consists of coursework in general education, art and art history, and education.

Studio Requirements

Studio and art history courses are offered by the Department of Art and Design. These courses will stimulate your creative process. You’ll also develop analytical, communication, and visual skills, as well as 2-D and 3-D art making abilities. Since technology is an important component in teaching and learning today, a computer imagery course is necessary. Requirements include development of an electronic portfolio and other digital presentations that utilize your technology skills.

Education Requirements

The education courses, including the art education courses, are offered by the School of Education. These courses provide you with a foundation in curriculum planning, assessment, and strategy development for teaching diverse learners in an art classroom setting. Throughout your education coursework, you’ll reflect upon your beliefs and attitudes about teaching and student learning. This will enable you to better understand how your life experiences, coursework and practicum experiences shape your beliefs about teaching and learning.

Assessing Your Progress

A mid-program review of your studio work and competencies by Art and Design faculty will provide you with an opportunity to assess your own progress in the area of studio art. The Senior Show — a formal presentation of your studio work in a group exhibition setting — is required for art education majors. Other types of reviews include the electronic portfolio review and interviews that are scheduled as you enter the Art Education program, as you apply for student teaching, and as you exit the program. These reviews are conducted by education and art education faculty.

Practicum and Student Teaching

In addition to your coursework, you’ll participate in practicum experiences throughout your program to meet Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction standards. You’ll have the opportunity to observe art classrooms and teach art in structured and supportive settings with an experienced art teacher. Student teaching occurs over a course of 16 weeks or one semester in your senior year. While this experience is the last course of your program, it is just the beginning of your art teaching career!

Beyond the Classroom

There is so much to be gained from your participation in extracurricular activities on campus: meeting new friends, having fun, building confidence, and gaining leadership skills. We strongly encourage you to become actively involved with various student organizations, such as the Fine Arts Association and the National Art Education Association Student Chapter.

Campus Resources and Programs

The University Library houses books, videos, films and periodicals on the subjects of art and art education. The John Furlong Gallery and the Student Gallery in the Department of Art and Design provide opportunities for art exhibitions throughout the academic year. Regular field trips to museums and galleries in Minneapolis and St. Paul provide opportunities to view current art exhibits and lectures. UW-Stout provides access to international study in a number of countries. Art education students are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs.

Starting Out

As a pre-art education student during your first year, your first two semesters consist of a mix of general education, art, and art education courses.

Art education faculty will provide you with course and professional guidance throughout your program. The School of Education Office, the Counseling Center, and the Career Services office provide you with additional support.

We believe there is an artist in every child

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The B.S. in Art Education program provides a specialized education and is accredited by the National Association for Schools of Art and Design.