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Fall 2014 Engagement Sessions

The Fall 2014 Engagement Sessions will be held on August 25, 2014. We encourage ALL faculty and staff to attend the sessions. A letter from the chancellor was sent out on August 16th and you should have received your room assignments in your UW-Stout email on August 18th. If you did not receive a room assignment, please contact the PARQ office at We look forward to hearing your feedback at the 2014 Fall Engagement Sessions. For more information please go to the Engagement Session website (intranet login required). 

2014 Campus Climate Survey Results

The 2014 Campus Climate Survey results from the faculty/staff and student campus climate surveys that were administered in spring 2014 are now available on the Information Portal. The survey was first administered in spring 2011 as part of a UW System-wide project where the instrument was developed by a consultant, Dr. Sue Rankin. The 2014 faculty/staff survey and student survey are shortened versions of the original survey.  The purpose of the surveys were to provide important information about the climate at UW-Stout. Results will be reviewed by the Strategic Planning Group, Diversity Leadership Team, and other groups as appropriate to determine any actions needed to improve the environment for working, living and learning at UW-Stout. The results on the Information Portal include a full report along with an executive summary for each of the surveys.

ETS Proficiency Profile

 This month ARC will be administering the ETS Proficiency Profile to a small sample of seniors in classes in all four colleges. About 200 incoming freshmen take the same test in Fall semester. Results of these assessments help UW-Stout leaders gauge how students are performing in four core skill areas: critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics.

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UW-Stout Stakeholder Visioning Session Event

On July 15, UW-Stout held a stakeholder visioning session with 74 attendees, including members of the Board of Regents, legislators, business and industry leaders, City of Menomonie leaders, regional K-12 leaders, Stout Foundation representatives, and the Stout Strategic Planning Group, to brainstorm goals for Stout's next planning process, called FOCUS 2020.  The event began with presentations from Chancellor Sorensen, Chancellor Designate Meyer, and UW System President Cross.  Participants then worked in small groups to brainstorm ideas to help advance UW-Stout over the next 5-7 years.  Copies of the key note presentations, and the report-outs from the small groups are available online.  Some of the big ideas generated at this event will be shared and discussed with all faculty and staff at the engagement sessions on August 25, 2014.  Additional information about the engagement session topics will be posted on the PARQ website within the next couple of weeks.

2013-14 Annual Teaching Workload Report

The 2013-14 Annual Teaching Workload Report is now available on the Information Portal. The abbreviated report summarizes annual workload information for faculty/staff by college. Information gathered includes assigned time, overload payments, and instructional workload measures generated from UW System reports.

2013-14 University of Wisconsin-Stout Fact Book

The 2013-14 University of Wisconsin-Stout Fact Book is now available on the web. It provides a wealth of official data concerning the university.  The Fact Book is divided into five main sections: 1) overview; 2) student data; 3) faculty and staff data; 4) financial data; and 5) support services.  You are encouraged to use this Fact Book as a reference throughout the year and as a guide to make data-driven decisions.  Please contact Meridith Drzakowski or Sally Bosshart if you have any questions about this Fact Book, or if you have any suggestions for improvements.

2014-15 University Action Plans

All 2014-15 university action plans have been approved and are available online.  Each plan includes 3-5 high level initiatives that will be implemented during 2014-15 and monitored as part of the strategic planning process.  Each plan was developed using a participatory process that was led by an action plan leader.  The plans and action plan leaders are as follows: Academic Plan (Glendali Rodriguez), ASA Targeted Projects (Jackie Weissenburger), ASLS focused initiatives (Phil Lyons), Capital Plan (Shirley Klebesadel), Campus Sustainability Plan (Sarah Rykal), High Risk Drinking Prevention Plan (Joan Thomas), Inclusive Excellence Plan (Meridith Drzakowski and Jackie Weissenburger), Information Technology Plan (Doug Wahl), Marketing Plan (Amy Luethmers), University Training and Development Plan (Cally Henderson).

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