Campus climate survey results 

Results from the spring 2017 faculty & staff and student campus climate surveys are available. Reports are on the Information Portal in the survey section:  student results in the student surveys sub-section; faculty & staff results in the faculty staff surveys sub-section. View full reports by clicking on the survey name. Sign-in is needed to view documents.

Campus climate is also one of the focus topics at the campus-wide Engagement Sessions on August 28; this is an opportunity to provide input on actions items related to campus climate.

Engagement Session Topics Chosen 

All faculty, staff, and students are invited to provide feedback on two university priorities that will be discussed at the Engagement Sessions on August 28, 2017: 

  • Campus Climate 
  • Strategic Enrollment Management. 

The Campus Climate topic will be an opportunity to suggest next steps from the spring 2017 Campus Climate Survey. Attendees are encouraged to review the results (available soon) prior to the session and to come prepared with their suggestions for next steps.  

The Strategic Enrollment Management topic will be an opportunity to suggest ways to attract and retain students at Stout. Additional resource materials are available on the Engagement session website.

Academic and ASA targeted projects plan approved

UW-Stout will have nine university action plans for 2017-18. The ASA targeted projects/academic plan has been reviewed by the Strategic Planning Group and approved by the chancellor. Refer here for the approval memo and the full action plan, which includes assessment workshops and enhancements of course evaluations.

Information technology action plan approved 

The Information technology action plan has been reviewed by the Strategic Planning Group and approved by the chancellor. The approval memo and full plan, which includes collaborating on data/business-intelligence initiatives, collaborating on the move to a new Learning Management System and developing an instructional-technology replacement cycle, are available online.

Administrative and Student Life Services action plan approved

The Administrative and Student Life Services focused initiatives action plan includes implementing water-quality initiatives, developing a speaker series in collaboration with the city and conducting a visioning process for Student Life Services and Dean of Students organizations. The plan has been reviewed by the Strategic Planning Group and approved by the chancellor. Refer here for the full plan and approval memo

SPG minutes available

The minutes from the June 27 SPG retreat are available.

Stout featured in recent article

Baldrige-award-winner UW-Stout was recently featured in the article "Still Improving (and Dancing) Despite Budget Cuts: The effect of the Baldrige Award 15 years later" on QualityDigest. The article developed from an interview with Meridith Drzakowski, assistant chancellor Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality.

FOCUS 2020 Performance Indicators  

UW-Stout tracks 25 metrics, called performance indicators, to assess the overall success of our FOCUS 2020 strategic plan. These metrics align with our FOCUS 2020 goals and were developed by the Strategic Planning Group (SPG), which formally reviews progress on these metrics once per year. Faculty, staff and students can also review these metrics via an interactive dashboard. The dashboard enables users to view information at the university level, as well as drill-down to data at the college, major, department and program level.

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Fall 2017 Engagement Sessions -- save the date

The Fall 2017 Engagement Sessions will be held August 28, 2017. The sessions offer a great opportunity to provide input on proposed initiatives. The day will also be a way to connect with colleagues and share in the excitement of another academic year.

Departments are permitted to close their offices during the Engagement Sessions to allow for as much participation from faculty and staff as possible. 

Additional information will be posted online and in the daily email in the coming months. Watch your UW-Stout email in August for your room assignment. Please contact Meridith Drzakowski with any questions about the event.

Baldrige blogs 'bout Stout You Said... We Did

After watching the livestream of the You Said…We Did event, the Baldrige featured UW-Stout in an article, which includes photos from the event.

Baldrige impact evident in Student Jobs Program

UW-Stout's Student Jobs Program was recently featured in a news story: First and lasting, Baldrige impact evident 15 years later in Student Jobs Program

The successful job program, which increases student retention by as much as 10 percent, developed as a result of the organizational excellence that helped make UW-Stout the first--and only--four-year higher education institute to earn the Baldrige National Quality Award .

Baldrige Regional Conference

Meridith Drzakowski, Glendali Rodriguez, and Jen DeGroote recently presented at the 2016 Baldrige Regional Conference in Chicago about, "Using a Cascading Scorecard System to Track Performance at the Organizational, Unit, and Program Levels."   For more information about the presentation or to get involved in the Baldrige framework, please contact Meridith Drzakowski. 

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Engagement Sessions

Faculty and staff participating in Engagement session
2017 Engagement Sessions
Monday, August 28
7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Great Hall, MSC