SPG Minutes Available

The minutes from the Dec. 4 Strategic Planning Group meeting are available. 

Faculty Fellows Program

Upon recommendation of the Strategic Planning Group, the chancellor has approved the continuation of the Faculty Research Fellows program for 2018-19.  More details about the program and information about the application process will be forthcoming.

You Said... We Did - January 16

Plan to attend the You Said….We Did presentation on Tuesday, January 16, from 8:30-10:00 a.m. This event celebrates actions that have been taken and actions that are ready to be taken based on feedback obtained from faculty, staff, and students during the Engagement Sessions held in August.  Come and help us recognize and celebrate the individuals and groups that make initiatives happen and make us StoutProud!

2016-17 Planning Summary Report

The 2016-17 Planning Summary Report is now available on the Information Portal (Sign-in is required).  The four-page year-end report provides a summary of budget and financial data, planning accomplishments and the performance data for UW-Stout.  The report includes a brief overview of expenditures, differential tuition, Focus 2020, UW-Stout Action Plans, and a few performance indicators such as headcount and FTE enrollments, retention rates, placement rates and financial viability.

2017 Quick Facts Brochure

The fall 2017 Quick Facts brochure is available and can be printed for campus use.  The brochure provides important facts about the university, including its mission and vision statements and enduring and FOCUS 2020 goals. It also includes a link to the undergraduate and graduate programs offered. Also included are statistics concerning enrollment; faculty and staff; employment; student costs; Foundation scholarships; the library; student activities; athletics; and alumni.

2017 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) results

The results of the 2017 National Survey of Student Engagement, or NSSE, are now available on the Information Portal

NSSE is an undergraduate survey that assesses the extent to which first-year students and seniors engage in effective educational practices that are linked with learning, personal development, and other desired outcomes such as persistence, satisfaction and graduation. Along with other UW System campuses, Stout administers the NSSE every three years. 

Using the ten NSSE Engagement Indicators, the report assesses how engaged Stout first-year students and seniors are in their education compared to four peer groups. 

Please contact Tammy Cutsforth at cutsfortht@uwstout.edu if you have any questions about the NSSE results.

2016-17 Fact Book available

The interactive 2016-17 University of Wisconsin-Stout Fact Book is available.  Fact Books for the previous five years are available on the Institutional Research page and older Fact Books are on the Information Portal under University Facts.  Each can be accessed at the link above. 

The Fact Book provides official data concerning the university.  We encourage you to use this Fact Book as a reference throughout the year and as a guide to make data-driven decisions.  Note that information by program can be found under the “Program Data” section.

Please contact Sally Bosshart at bossharts@uwstout.edu if you have any questions about this Fact Book or if you have any suggestions for how to improve it in future years.