Wei Zheng


Wei Zheng

Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Engineering and Technology

Office: 270 Jarvis Hall- Tech Wing
Phone: 715/232-2385
Email: zhengw@uwstout.edu


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University, 2008
B.S., Chemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, 2003



Assistant Professor, Engineering and Technology, University of Wisconsin-Stout, 2012 – Present
Postdoctoral Researcher, Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 2010 – 2011
Postdoctoral Researcher, Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech, 2008 – 2010

Research Interests

Development of biopolymers and biopolymer based nanocomposites
Curing kinetics of thermosetting resin
Rheology of complex fluids
Thermal analysis of polymers
Physics of glass transition
Structure-property-processing relationship

Courses Taught

PLE-360 Plastics Testing and Analysis
PLE-405 Capstone I: Process/Product Design
PLE-410 Capstone II: Process/product Development
MFGT-250 Introduction to Plastics
MFGT-251 Fundamentals of Plastics Materials and Processing
MFGE-352 Manufacturing Process Engineering II
MFGE-707 Field Project Formulation
MFGE-753 Polymer Engineering

Selected Recent Publications

  1.  M. Davis, J. Droske, and W. Zheng*, "Curing Kinetics of a "Green" Thiol-Containing Resin: Oligo(Ethylene-2-Mercaptosuccinate)", Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Accepted (2015).
  2. J. Henricks, M. Boyum, and W. Zheng*, "Crystallization Kinetics and Structure Evolution of a Polylactic Acid during Melt and Cold Crystallization", Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 120, 1765 – 1774 (2015). (DOI) 10.1007/s10973-015-4460-0.
  3. C. Li, Y. Cai, Y. Zhu, M. Ma, W. Zheng, and J. Zhu*, "Polyacrylamide-Metal Nanocomposites: One-Pot Synthesis, Antibacterial Properties, and Thermal Stability", Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 15: UNSP 1922 (2013).
  4. W. Zheng, A. Mohammed, L. G. Hines Jr., D. Xiao, O. J. Martinez, R. A. Bartsch, S. L. Simon, O. Russina, A. Triolo, and E. L. Quitevis*, "Effect of Cation Symmetry on the Morphology and Physicochemical Propertiesof Imidazolium Ionic Liquids", Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 115, 6572 – 6584 (2011).
  5. W. Zheng, G. B. McKenna, and S. L. Simon*,"The Viscoelastic Behaviors of Athermal Solutions", Polymer, 51, 4899 – 4906 (2010).
  6. C. Dalle-Ferrier, S. Simon*, W. Zheng, P. Badrinarayanan, T. Fennell, B. Frick, J. M. Zanotti, and C. Alba-Simionesco*, "The Consequence of Excess Configurational Entropy on Fragility: the Case of a Polymer/Oligomer Blend ", Physical Review Letters, 103, 185702 (2009).
  7.  W. Zheng and S. L. Simon*, "The Glass Transition of Athermal Poly(α-Methyl Styrene/Oligomer Blends", Journal of  Polymer Science: Part B: Polymer Physics, 46, 418 – 430  (2008).
  8. P. Bad rinarayanan, W. Zheng, and S. L. Simon*, "On the Validity of the Isoconversion Analysis for the Glass Transition", Thermochimica Acta, 468, 87 – 93 (2008).
  9.  W. Zheng and S. L. Simon*, "Confinement Effects on the Glass Transition of the Hydrogen Bonded Liquids", Journal of Chemical Physics, 127, 194501-1 – 194501-11 (2007); also published in visual publication.
  10. W. Zheng and S. L. Simon*, "Polystyrene Freeze Dried from Dilute Solution: Tg Depression and Residual Solvent Effects", Polymer, 47, 3520 – 3527 (2006).