Cameron Weaver


Office: 245 Jeter Hall
Phone: 715/232-1662


Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Oklahoma State University
Postdoctoral Fellowship, NIH/NIAAA Alcohol Research Training Grant, University of Missouri-Columbia
Clinical Internship, Missouri Health Sciences Psychology Consortium, Columbia, MO

Research Interests:

  • Examining risk and protective factors related to college alcohol misuse
  • Personalized feedback interventions for college student alcohol misuse
  • Mechanisms of action for personalized feedback interventions

Recent Publications:

Cadigan, J. M., Haeny, A. M., Martens, M. P.,Weaver, C. C., Takamatsu, S. K., & Arterberry, B. J. (In Press). Personalized drinking feedback: A meta-analysis of in-person versus computer-delivered interventions.Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.
Weaver. C. C., Leffingwell, T. R., Lombardi, N., Claborn, K. R., Miller, M. B., & Martens, M. P. (2014). A randomized controlled trial comparing a computer-based personalized feedback intervention with and without moderation skills training.Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 46,22-28.
Weaver, C. C., Martens, M. P., Cadigan, J. M., Takamatsu, S. K., & Pedersen, E. R. (2014). Sport-related achievement motivation and alcohol outcomes: An athlete-specific risk factor among intercollegiate athletes.Addictive Behaviors 38, 2930-2936.

Weaver, C. C., Martens, M. P., & Smith, A. E. (2012). Do protective behavioral strategies moderate the relationship between negative urgency and alcohol-related outcomes among intercollegiate athletes?Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs,73, 498-503.

Wagener, T. L., Leffingwell, T. R., Mignogna, J., Mignogna, M.,Weaver, C. C., Cooney, N., & Claborn, K. (2012). A randomized trial comparing computer and live personalized feedback interventions for high-risk drinking among college students.Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment,43,260-267. doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2011.11.001

Cohen, L. M., Collins, F. L., Jr., VanderVeen, J. W., & Weaver, C. C.(2010). Chewing gum: Can it help cigarette smokers quit and does flavor matter?Addictive Behaviors, 35, 955-960.