Alfi Velasco-Hurst

Phone: 912/832-6698

Alfi Velasco-Hurst teaches EDUC 744 925 Bullying in Schools and Strategies for Dealing with Disruptive Behavior.

Office Phone: 808-215-9156

Alfi is currently assigned to the Department of Defense Dependent School located at the Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan.  She teaches in an integrated classroom setting with grade levels 4 and 5 and serves the needs of special education while partnering with the regular education teachers.

Most recently Alfi was the Special Education Assessor for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools located at Ft. Stewart Army Base, Hinesville, Georgia. She was responsible for the testing, prescribing, and planning of individual learning strategies for special needs students. She also was responsible for the development and presentation of innovative teaching practices for the district special education reading curriculum.

Alfi is responsible for the mentoring of teachers new to the district, and is currently Department Chairman of the Special Education unit.

She is a skilled public speaker and facilitates professional development opportunities for educators, students and parents on the subject of bullying in the classroom, computer cybersafety, and positive discipline techniques that work. Alfi is a certified instructor for TRIBES, a program designed to teach peer mediators techniques to negotiate problem solving among students.

Ms. Velasco-Hurst has taught in Hawaii and Germany, and her leadership experiences include director of a Department of Defense preschool and educational school improvement workshop coordinator, as well as department chair for Special Education.

Alfi graduated magna cum laude from University of Hawaii with a degree in Psychology and then earned a Masters of Arts in Special Education. She has completed post-graduate studies from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, concentrating on technology integration studies.

She is endorsed to teach mild to moderate learning impaired students, preschool disabled children and emotionally impaired students and has experience as a special education assessor, and a gifted education teacher.

In 2006, Alfi was awarded the U.S. Army’s Merit of Excellence for Teaching.

Her hobbies include teaching scuba, painting, golf and gardening.

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