Melvin Thursby


Melvin Thursby

Office: 140 Vocational Rehabilitation

Mel Thursby is an instructor for the Reading Teacher Practicum.

Mel received a Masters degree in Reading and English at the University of Iowa and completed additional post-graduate work in Reading and Special Education. He is certified to instruct reading, English, learning disabilities and behavior disorders. He has contributed to several publications and authored classroom materials.

His teaching experience includes both middle and high school language arts and reading. Mel has taught in the regular classroom, provided small group instruction, and has worked as a one-to-one instructor. His experience includes working with teams to provide coordinated instruction. For many years mid-career he taught special education and served as chair of the district special education team. His professional experience includes teaching in hospital-based clinical settings. Mel has also led professional development in K-12 settings, served as a student teacher cooperating teacher, and mentor to new teachers.

Mel and his wife live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  He enjoys hiking and yoga.  He looks forward to serving as an instructor for your class.

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