Renee Surdick

Renee Surdick

Ed.D., Project Manager - Discovery Center

Office: 278B Jarvis Hall- Tech Wing
Phone: 715/232-5023


E.d.D. Educational Doctorate in Leadership, emphasis Organizational Assessment and Development, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, October 2004

M.S.E Education, Emphasis in Transition, Vocational Education and Assessment, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Whitewater, WI, December 1992

B.S. Vocational Rehabilitation, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI, May 1981

Research Interests

  • Leadership and Productivity Management
  • Management Systems
  • Employee Involvement
  • Organizational Change
  • Advancing Student Learning Through Curricula Development

Courses Taught

INMGT 400/600 Organizational Leadership
INMGT 750 Organizational Development  
INMGT 700 Organizational Research

Summary of Positions Held

University of Wisconsin-Stout
Project Manager, Discovery Center, 2009-Present
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Operations and Management, 2006-2009
Assistant Director, Coordinator Research and Training Center, 1997–2006 

St. Mary's University of Minnesota

Lead Instructor, Associate Professor, Masters of Art in Management and Masters of Arts in Human Resource Management, 2000-Present

Indianhead Enterprises

President, 1993-1997

Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services

Director of Programs, Unit Leader, 1980-1993

Madison Area Technical College

Instructor, Health and Human Service Program, 1987-1989

Student Advisement


Applied Psychology, Plan A, Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Organizational Commitment in Individualist and Collectivist Cultures


Applied Psychology, Plan A, Assessing Research Process for Pediatric Medical Devices
Training and Development; Plan B, Career Mapping In Manufacturing; Assessing Impact and Transfer of Integrated Business Strategy Training at Company XYZ Using Success Case Method
Technology Management, Plan B, Examining the needs of Entrepreneurs developing High Technology Based Businesses  


Applied Psychology, Plan A, Assessing Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Within a Global University; Supervisors Leadership Style and Supervision, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Necessary for Success in the Manufacturing Industry; Exploring the Relationship between Supervisor’s Leadership Style and Employee Loyalty
Training and Development, Plan B, Success Case Method within Food Service; The Role of Generational Values in Workplace Conflict
PhD Organizational Management, Dissertation Committee, Impacting Retail Store Performance: A Correlational Study of the Relationship Between Leadership Style and Bottom Line Performance Indicators
Technology Management, Plan B, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Package Recommendation and Assessing the Readiness for Change within a Privately Own Company in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, Computerized Information System For Small Manufacturing Company


Applied Psychology, Plan A, Assessing Management and Leadership Training Programs, Sentry Insurance; McCain Foods, Corporate Division; Assessing Leadership Training, and International Integrated Business Strategy; Shared Commercial Kitchen and Shared Business Center, Wild Rice Consortium
Training and Development, Plan B, Leadership Competencies for Family Owned Businesses
Ed.S. Degree in Career and Technical Education, A Comparison of Adjustment Factors of First Year Students


Ed.S. Degree in Career and Technical Education, Succession Planning within Family Owned Businesses
Applied Psychology, Plan A, Leadership Development with Family Owned Businesses
Training and Development, Plan B, Research on Leadership Competencies for Succession Planning with Family Owned Businesses   


Applied Psychology, Plan A, Assessment of Need- CVTC program, Assessment of Need-Food Banks in Minnesota; Success Case Method in Manufacturing; Organizational Assessment Manufacturing

Presentations and Publications

Zimmerman,Todd, Schmidt Laura, Peterson Julie, Surdick R (May 2012)    Student Expectations and
Motivations: What We Learned the Second Year, UW-Stout, Menomonie, WI  
Surdick, R.S., Wiessenmiller D., Peterson J. (November, 2011) Understanding Expectations between
students and faculty, ISOLT, Milwaukee, WI
Hulke R., Surdick, R.S. (March, 2011) Economic Development Administration University Cente
Progress Report, Department of Commerce, Chicago, Ill.
Surdick, R.S. (January, 2011) Advanced Manufacturing Sector Outcomes, Northwest Wisconsin
Investment Board Advisory Committee, Hayward, WI  
Surdick, R.S. (June, 2010) Practices for Effectively Implementing Sector Workforce Project in Advanced
Manufacturing, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Sector Subcommittee: Advanced Manufacturing
Surdick, R.S. (May, 2010) Advanced Manufacturing Sector: Northwest Workforce Investment Board,
Wisconsin Industry Partnerships Academy: Building Industry Partnerships and Incorporating Career Pathways and Bridges, Madison, WI.
Surdick, R.S. (September, 2009) Faculty-Student Industry Applied Research Projects, Success Case
Method, American Industrial Extension Alliance Conference, Northwest Manufacturing Outreach Center, held at University of Wisconsin Stout, Menomonie, WI.
Surdick, R.S. (August, 2009) Advanced Manufacturing: Gap Analysis Results, Northwest
Workforce Investment Board, Hayward, WI
Surdick, R.S. (May, 2009) Succession Planning within Family Owned Businesses: Competencies,
Behaviors and Actions, Manufacturing Advantage Conference, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI 
Surdick, R.S. (April, 2009) Success Case Method, McCain Foods Corporate Learning Division, Appleton,
Surdick, R.S. (March, 2008) Problem Based Learning, Teaching and Learning Center, Presentation at
New Faculty Orientation, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI.  
Surdick, R.S. (January, 2008) Sole Proprietorships and Succession Planning Research, Presentation at
College of Technology, Engineering and Management, All- College Meeting, 2nd Semester,
University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI
Surdick, R.S. Taylor Juli (July, 2007) Presentation at ISSTOL, Sydney Australia, Problem Based Learning Surdick R. S. (Spring 2007) WorkSource Wisconsin, Employer Committee, Employer Perceptions of     Hiring and Advancing Persons with Disabilities
Surdick R.S., Meulemans M., Lawler, M. (February, 2007) Work Source Wisconsin Demonstration
Project, Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, Disability Medicaid Infrastructure Grant Subcommittee, Council on Workforce Investment, Madison, WI
Surdick, R. S. (January 2007) Oaklwn Harmony Centre: New Partner in the Community, Professional
Development Day, University of Wisconsin-Stout Opening Week Activities
Surdick, R.S. (October, 2006). Leadership of Non-Profit Organizations: Emerging Practices. Bremer Foundation, New Richmond, WI.
Surdick, R.S., Halverson, L. (October, 2005). Poverty in Dunn County. Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute, Menomonie, WI.
Surdick, R., Pierson, A. (September, 2005). Development of Online CRC Examination Preparatory Course. Stout Vocational Rehab.Institute, Menomonie, WI
Surdick, R. (2004, Winter). Best practices for CRPs. Outcomes–Networking for employment outcomes, 5(1). Denton: University of North Texas, Region VI CRP-RCEP.
Surdick, R. S. (2004). Career self-efficacy, employment, and quality of life. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
Surdick, R. S., Christensen, J., Holloway, L., & Lubeck, A. (2004). Lessons learned from rehabilitation stakeholders and constituents. In D. L. Hagen-Foley & F. E. Menz (Eds.). Community-based rehabilitation: Research for improving employment outcomes conference. Menomonie: University of Wisconsin-Stout, Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute, Research and Training Center.
Surdick, R., Deery K., & Bruce A. (2004, March). Public policy, rights, and benchmarking. Presentation made on behalf of the International Partnership for Collaborative Learning (IPCL) at Dunhill Multi-Educational Centre, Dunhill, Ireland.
Surdick, R., Pierson, A., Menz, F. E., & Hagen-Foley, D. L. (2004). Building on retention through benchmarking practices. Manuscript in preparation.
Surdick, R. (2003). Capacity building: Coordination and collaboration. Report written and developed with input from Hagen-Foley, D., & Menz, F. E. Menomonie: University of Wisconsin-Stout, Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute, Research and Training Centers.
Surdick, R. (2003). Customer service in rehabilitation: Benchmarking Quality Rehabilitation Services and Outcomes. Presentation made at the Job Trainers Association, September 23, Columbus, OH.

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