Gender and Science Links

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Gender & Science Bibliography

Laura McCullough's Gender & Science Bibliography: This contains approximately 900 entries on all sorts of topics. Where possible, abstracts are included with the citations.


Women and Science General Links

Infographic on equal pay (link from Kayla Evans)

A few abstracts for gender & teaching evaluations

Gender and Science Digital Library

Women-related Science/Technology Sites

APS Women in Physics site

Contributions of 20th Century Women To Physics

Iowa Statue University Archives for Women in Science and Engineering

References on Chilly Climate in Academe

ThinkQuest Women in Science page

Resources for Women in the Sciences

History of Women and Science, Health and Technology

4000 Years of Women in Science

SDSC: Women in Science

Sociology and Women's Equality reference page (link from Brianna Foster)

Women in Science resource from Online University (link from Nick Frasier)

Review of Online Master's programs in Engineering 

 Accredited Online Engineering Schools


Gender & Science Reports

NSF Women in S&E reports

AIP Women in Physics reports

NAP Rising Above the Gathering Storm (2007)

NAP Gathering Storm Revisited (2010)

NSF CAWMSET Land of Plenty (2000)

NAP Why So Few? (1994)

NAP Climbing the Ladder: Doctoral Women Scientists and Engineers (1983)


Women and Science Groups

There are tons of them! Here are just a few.

Institute of Physics Women in Physics

IUPAP Working Group on Women in Physics

National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science

Purdue's Women in Physics group

International Women in Science and Engineering

Association for Women in Science

Myra Sadker Foundation

American Association of University Women

Society of Women Engineers

Women in Engineering ProActive Network

APS Women in Physics

Maria Mitchell Association

Tomorrow's Women in Science and Technology


Funding Sources for studying Gender & Science


(ADVANCE sites listing)

NSF Research on Gender in Science and Engineering

May fund research in this area:

Research Corporation

Sloan Foundation's Science Education Track