Laura Mccullough


Office: 126C Jarvis Hall - Science Wing
Phone: 715/232-2536


PhD in Science Education (University of Minnesota)

MS in Physics (University of Minnesota)

BA in Physics (Hamline University)

Research Interests

Gender and science

Physics education research

Courses Taught

PHYS-150 Nature and Application of Light & Color

PHYS-250 Physics of Light & Color

PHYS-282 University Physics II

PHYS-241 & 242 College Physics I & II

PHYS-255 Meteorology

SCIED-101 Introduction to Science Education

PHYS-231 & 232 General Physics I & II

Schedule for Spring 2014

I have an open-door policy: if the door is open, you are welcome to stop by even if it isn't office hours.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00     Research    
9:05    Office Hour Research   Department Meeting
10:10   Grant meeting Research    
11:15   Meditation    Lunch  Office Hour
12:20 Lunch
Lunch  Lunch College Physics II
1:25 Office Hour STEM Chairs/Council
Occasional meeting College Physics II
Committee meeting 
2:30 College Physics I
College Physics II
College Physics I
College Physics II
College Physics I
3:35    College Physics II
Office Hour  College Physics II