Dr. Michael Levy

Full Professor
English and Philosophy Department
College of Arts, Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences

Office: 377A Harvey Hall
Phone: 715-232-1476
Email: levym@uwstout.edu

Brief Biography

Born in Chicago, IL in 1950. BA in English from the University of Illinois 1972. MA in English from the Ohio State University 1974. PhD in English from the University of Minnesota 1982. Began at Stout in 1980. Married, with two adult children.

Teaching Interests: Children's and Young Adult Literature. Science Fiction and Fantasy. Writing.

Research Interests: Children's and Young Adult Literature. Science Fiction. Fantasy Literature. Constructions of Gender.

Professional Interests: International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts. Science Fiction Research Association. Children's Literature Association.


    • Ph D English
      University of Minnesota
      Minneapolis, MN, United States, 1982
    • MA English
      Ohio State University
      Columbus, OH, United States, 1974
    • BA English
      University of Illinois
      Champaign, IL, United States, 1972

Intellectual Contributions

    Book, Chapter

    • Williams, A. (Unpublished). Aliens in Videogames. IN Levy, M. (Eds), Aliens in Pop Culture: A Guide to Visitors from Outer Space , ABC-CLIO.
    • Levy, M. (2014). The Transcendent in David Almond’s Play Wild Girl,Wild Boy. IN Johnston, R. R. (Eds), David Almond Casebook , New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.
    • Levy, M. (2009). Octavia Butler. IN Vint, S. (Eds), Fifty Key Figures in Science Fiction , Routledge.
    • Levy, M. (2009). Science Fiction: 1980-­‐1992. IN Vint, S. (Eds), The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction , Routledge.
    • Levy, M., & Slonczewski, J. (2003). Science Fiction and Biology. IN James, E., & Mendlesohn, F. (Eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction , Cambridge UP.
    • Levy, M., & Sullivan III, C. W. (1999). Annotated Bibliography: History and Criticism. , Greenwood.
    • Levy, M., & Sullivan III, C. W. (1999). Young Adult Science Fiction as Bildungsroman. , Greenwood.
    • Levy, M., & Crump, G. M. (1986). Paradise Lost in Northern Wisconsin. , Modern Language Association.


    • Levy, M., & Mendlesohn, F. (Accepted). Children's Fantasy Literature: An Introduction. , London: Cambridge UP.
    • Levy, M. (2004). The Moon Pool by A. Merritt. , Wesleyan University Press.
    • Levy, M. (2000). Portrayal of South East Asian Refugees in Recent American Children's Books. , Mellen.
    • Levy, M. (1991). Natalie Babbitt. , Boston: Twayne.

    Journal Article

    • Levy, M. (2009). A Non-­‐Believer Reads Religious Fantasy. Purdue e-­‐ Pub.
    • Levy, M. (2008). Images of Masculinity in the Recent Fiction of David Almond. , Foundation.
    • Levy, M. (2008). Margaret Mahy’s Liminal Spaces: Moments of Transformation in The Changeover. .
    • Levy, M. (2008). “A Great New Work” or “Demon-­‐Trap”: Attitudes Towards Technology in Philip Pullman’s The Shadow in the North”. .
    • Levy, M. (2006). The Sublimation of Real Life: Malls, Shopping, and Advertising in Recent YA SF. New York Review of Science Fiction.
    • Levy, M. (2003). 'They Thought We were Dead, and They were Wrong,' Children and Salvation in David Almond's Kit's Wilderness. Foundation.
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    • Levy, M. (2003). Full Tide of Night: J. R. Dunn's Science Fictional Retelling of The Duchess of Malfi. Extrapolation.
    • Levy, M. (2000). What if your Fairy Godmother Were an Ox? The Many Cinderellas of Southeast Asia and their Presentation in English-­‐Language Picture Book Format. , The Lion and the Unicorn.
    • Levy, M. (1999). Refugees and Immigrants: The Southeast Asian Experience as Depicted in Recent American Children’s Books. , The Lion and the Unicorn.
    • Levy, M. (1998). Ophelia Triumphant: The Survival of Adolescent Girls in Recent SF by Butler and Womack. , Foundation.
    • Levy, M. (1997). Lois Lowry's The Giver: Interrupted Bildungsroman or Ambiguous Dystopia?. , Foundation.
    • Levy, M. (1985). Who, What, and Why? Character Motivation in Doctor Who. Children's Literature Association Quarterly.

    Encyclopedia Article

    • Levy, M. (2006). Science Fiction. IN Zipes, J. (Eds), The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature , Oxford UP.



    • Parsons, A. M., Adekola, A., Peters, R., Levy, M., & Tafalla, R. (2010). Path to Leadership: Early Success and Transition. Professional Development, Menomonie, WI.

Applied Research


    • University of Arizona Press, Greenwood Press, Science Fiction Studies, Children's Literature in Education, and others (multiple)
      Reviewer (2000 - Present)
    • University of Mississippi Press
      Outside Reader (April 2016 - May 2016)

Media Contributions


    • Wisconsin Public Radio (2013)

      Serve as an occasional commentator on children's fantasy films, children's literature, and science fiction on various Wisconsin Public Radio stations.

Reviewer / Editor

    Editorial Board Member

    • The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts

      On the board of editors for this scholarly journal which publishes essays on Fantasy literature and related topics. (2010 - Present)

    Editor, Journal Editor

    • Extrapolation

      A Peer-reviewed scholarly journal publishing essay on Science Fiction, Fantasy and related genres, plus reviews of scholarly books on these subjects. (2006 - Present)

    Reviewer, Book

    • Publishers Weekly

      Regular reviewer of science fiction and children's books for this nationally distributed trade magazine. Also so author interviews. (1995 - Present)

    • The New York Review of Science Fiction

      Review fiction for this small popular magazine. (1995 - Present)

    • SF Studies, Children's Literature Association Quarterly, Children's Literature, Los Angeles Review of Literature

      Occasional reviewer of fiction and scholarly non-fiction for a wide variety of magazines and journals (1988 - Present)

Awards, Fellowships, Honors, and Scholarships


    • Dahlgren Professorship, (2011)
    • Thomas D. Clareson Award winner, Science Fiction Research Association (2007)
    • Maybell Rainey Price Professorship, (1998)

Professional Memberships

  • Children's Literature Association (ChLA)
  • International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA)
  • Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA)



    • Managing Editor, Extrapolation (peer-­‐reviewed, scholarly journal) (2014 - Present)
    • Co-Editor, Extrapolation (peer-­‐reviewed, scholarly journal) (2007 - 2014)
    • Member, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (2007 - 2010)
    • Officer, President/Elect/Past, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (2004 - 2007)
    • Co-Editor, Extrapolation (2005 - 2006)
    • Officer, Vice President, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (2003 - 2004)
    • Member, Science Fiction Research Association (2002 - 2004)
    • Co-Editor, Young Adult Science Fiction (April 2004)
    • Officer, President/Elect/Past, Science Fiction Research Association (2001 - 2002)
    • Officer, Treasurer, Science Fiction Research Association (1997 - 2000)