Eun Joo Lee 142

Eun Joo Lee

Assistant Professor (PhD)
Food and Nutrition

Office: 301 Heritage Hall
Phone: 715/232-1623


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship : Animal Science, Iowa State University
  • Ph.D.: Food and Biotechnology, Korea University
  • M.S. : Food Technology, Korea University
  • B.S. : Food and Nutrition, Myongji University

Research Interests

  • Effect of omega-3 fatty acids on the quality of dairy products.
  • Development of functional bioactive peptides using phosvitin from egg yolks
  • Separation, modification and utilization of value-added egg components
  • Developmentof methods that can improve irradiated meat products
  • Mechanisms and control of off-odor production and color changes in irradiated meats
  • Development of ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) detection method in irradiated food
  • Development of HACCP programs for health food, meat and egg companies
  • Physicochemical properties and eating quality of rice

Courses Taught

  • *Science of Food (FN-123)
  • Food Technology (FN-222)
  • Food Science (FN-240)
  • *Food Chemistry (FN-425/625)
  • *Flavor Chemistry (FN-725)
*Developer of Course

Selected Publications

  • Samaraweera, H., S.H. Moon, E.J. Lee, S.H. Yang, J.W. Suh, and D.U Ahn, 2013, Chemical Hydrolysis of Phosvitin and the Functional Properties of the Hydrolysates. International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, Vol. 2 - Issue 11 (November, 2013), p3373-3386.
  • Hur, S.J., B.R. Min, K.C. Nam, E.J. Lee, and D.U. Ahn, 2013. Effect of Dietary Cholesterol and Cholesterol Oxides on Blood Cholesterol, Lipids, and the Development of Atherosclerosis in Rabbits. Lipids in Health and Disease. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 14(6): 12593-12606
  • Ahn, D.U., I.S. Kim and E.J. Lee, 2013. Irradiation and additive combinations on the pathogen reduction and quality of poultry meat. Poultry Sci. 92 (2): 534-545.
  • Kwon, J.H., K. Akram, K.C. Nam, B.R. Min, E.J. Lee, and D.U. Ahn, 2012. Potential chemical markers for the identification of irradiated sausages. J. Food Sci. 77 (9): C1000-1004.
  • Lee, K.H., H.J. Yun, J.W. Lee, D.U. Ahn, E.J. Lee, and C. Jo, 2012. Volatile compounds and odor preference of ground beef added with garlic and red wine, and irradiated with charcoal pack. Rad. Phys. Chem. 81(8):1103-1106.
  • Kim, I.S., C. Jo, K.H. Lee, E.J. Lee, D.U. Ahn, and S.N. Kang. 2012. Effects of Low-Level Gamma Irradiation on the Characteristics of Fermented Pork Sausage during Storage. Radiation Physics Chemistry 81(4): 466-472.
  • Kwon, J.H., Y.J. Kwon, T. Kausar, K.C. Nam, B.R. Min, E.J. Lee, and D.U. Ahn, 2012. Effect of cooking on radiation-induced chemical markers in beef and pork during storage. J. Food Sci. 77(2): C211-215.
  • Kwon, J.H., E.J. Lee, T. Kausar, and D. U. Ahn, 2011. Effect of fat substitute or plum extract on the formation of hydrocarbons and 2-alkylcyclobutanones in freeze-dried beef patties by irradiation. Korean J. Food Sci. Anim. Resources 31(6): 858-864.  Eun Joo Lee 3
  • Samaraweera, H., W. Zhang, E.J. Lee, and D.U. Ahn, 2011. Production of functional phosphopeptides from phosvitin and their applications in foods and promoting human health. J. Food Sci. 76 (7): R143-149.
  • Kwon, J.H., K. Akram, K.C. Nam, E.J. Lee, D.U. Ahn, 2011. Evaluation of radiation-induced compounds in irradiated raw or cooked chicken meat during storage. Poultry Sci. 90:2578-2583.
  • Yang, H. S., E. J. Lee, S. H. Moon, H. D. Paik and D. U. Ahn, 2011. Effect of garlic, onion, and their combination on the quality and sensory characteristics of irradiated raw ground beef. Meat Sci. 89:202-208.
  • Nam, K.C., E.J. Lee, D.U. Ahn, J.H. Kwon, 2011. Dose-dependent changes of chemical attributes in irradiated sausages. Meat Science 88:184-188.
  • Xiao, S., W. Zhang, E.J. Lee, C. Ma and D.U. Ahn, 2011. Effects of diet, packaging and irradiation on protein oxidation, lipid oxidation and color of raw broiler thigh meat during refrigerated storage. Poultry Sci. 90:1348-1357.
  • Xiao, S. W. G. Zhang, E. J. Lee, C. W. Ma, and D. U. Ahn, 2011. Lipid and protein oxidation of chicken breast rolls as affected by dietary oxidation levels and packaging. J. Food Sci. 76(4):C612- C617.
  • Ko, K. Y., K.C. Nam, C. Jo, E.J. Lee, and D. U. Ahn, 2011. A simple and efficient method for separating phosvitin from egg yolk using ethanol and sodium chloride. Poultry Sci. 90: 1096-1104.
  • Zhang, W., S. Xiao, E.J. Lee and D.U. Ahn, 2011. Consumption of oxidized oil increases oxidative stress and affects the quality of broiler breast meat. J. Agric. Food Chem. 59 (3): 969–974.
  • Yang, H. S., E. J. Lee, S. H. Moon, H. D. Paik and D. U. Ahn, 2011. Addition of garlic or onion before irradiation on lipid oxidation, volatiles and sensory characteristics of cooked ground beef. Meat Sci. 88(2):286-291.
  • Zhang, W., S. Xiao, H. Samaraweera, E.J. Lee and D. U. Ahn, 2010. Improving functional value of meat products. Meat Sci. 80:15-31.
  • Kwon, J. H., K. C. Nam, E. J. Lee, H. J. Kang, and D. U. Ahn, 2010. Effect of electron beam irradiation and storage on the quality attributes of sausages with different fat contents. J. Animal Sci. 88:795-801.

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