Dr. Matthew A Kuchta

Chemistry and Physics Department
College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Office: 126F Jarvis Hall-Science Wing
Phone: 715-232-4072
Email: kuchtam@uwstout.edu
Personal website: http://www3.uwstout.edu/faculty/kuchtam/index.cfm

Teaching Interests: SCHOLARSHIP OF TEACHING & LEARNING Effective visualization techniques for geoscience concepts, interests and attitudes toward geoscience topics, problem and inquiry-based content delivery methods. Hydrology. Geomorphology Soil science and mechanics Fluid and stream dynamics Optics, meteorology Planetary geology Introductory geology Sedimentology and stratigraphy Evolution and extinction Gemstones Geologic field methods Paleoecology Vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology Regional geology Climatology GIS mapping and analysis

Research Interests: EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Phosphorus sources and sink in the Red Cedar Watershed, sedimentary and fluvial history of the lower Chippewa valley, Paleozoic and Quaternary stratigraphy of the upper Mississippi valley, taphonomy and paleoecology, sequence stratigraphy, geologic mapping of western Wisconsin, terrestrial gastropod ecology and conservation, watershed hydrology and nutrient transport/storage, low-cost 3D scanning methods using the KINECT sensor system.


    • Ph D Geology
      University of Wisconsin Madison
      Madison, WI, 2009
    • MS Geology
      University of Wisconsin Madison
      Madison, WI, 2000
    • BS Geology and Studio Art
      Lawrence University
      Appleton, WI, 1998

Work Experience

    Academic - Post-Secondary

      • , Physics Department at University of Wisconsin Stout
        Assistant Professor
        2010 -
      • University of Wisconsin Stout
        Adjuct Lecturer
      • Wasatch-Uinta Geology Summer Field Camp
        2008 - 2010
      • University of Minnesota Duluth, Department of Geological Sciences
        2007 - 2008
      • University of Minnesota Duluth, Department of Geological Sciences
        Research Fellow
        2005 - 2006
      • University of Wisconsin- Madison, Center for Climatic Research
        Graduate Project Assistant
        2004 - 2005
      • University of Wisconsin Geology Museum
        Research Specialist
        2003 - 2005
      • University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Geosciences
        2002 - 2005
      • University of Wisconsin- Madison, Department of Geosciences
        Graduate Teaching Assistant
      • University of Wisconsin- Madison, Geology Museum
        Graduate Project Assistant
        1998 - 2001

Intellectual Contributions


    • Kuchta, M. A. Beyond the stream table: other geoscience education applications for ground melamine plastic. , 46(6), 500.
    • Little, A. M., Kuchta, M. A., Church, J., Hines, M., & Usborne, E. Geomorphology and watershed soil texture influences peat development, water chemistry, and hydroperiod in wetlands of western Wisconsin’s Chippewa Moraine. , 46(6), 151.
    • Kuchta, M. A., & Zimmerman, T. A. Three dimensional measurement and analysis of a mobile-bed stream model with the Microsoft KINECT sensor. , 45(7), 146.
    • Kuchta, M. A. (2013). The Paleoenvironmental Significance of Terrestrial Gastropod Fossils from the Upper Mississippi Valley in Minnesota and Wisconsin. .
    • Kuchta, M. A. Late Pleistocene climatic influences on the sedimentary architecture of the Upper Mississippi Valley: Implications for fossil preservation and Quaternary reconstruction. , 41(7), 707.
    • Kuchta, M. A., Geary, D. H., & Slaughter, R. W. Paleoecology and Taphonomy of Full-Glacial Terrestrial Gastropods from the Latch Valley, West-Central Wisconsin . , 40.
    • Kuchta, M. A., Geary, D. H., Diem, B., & Slaughter, R. W. Taphonomy of terrestrial gastropods at the Big Platte locality, southwestern Wisconsin. , 39(6), 401.
    • Kuchta, M. A., GE, D. H., & Slaughter, R. W. Late Pleistocene gastropods from alluvium in the Driftless Area of Minnesota and Wisconsin. , 38(7), 118.
    • Kuchta, M. A. Potential applications of GIS to the Iowa Pleistocene Snail Discus macclintocki. , 2, 21.
    • Kuchta, M. A., & Skulan, J. L. A tale from the Crypt: Struvite mineralization in a rotting rhinoceros. , 23(3), 98.
    • Kuchta, M. A., Geary, D. H., & Carroll, A. H. Utility of nonmarine mollusca as paleoenvironmental indicators in the Green River Formation, Wyoming. , 32(7), A12.
    • Kuchta, M. A., Watkins, R., & Smith, G. L. A Silurian crinozoan-dominated community in the lower Racine Formation, Waukesha County, Wisconsin. , 29(4), 28.

    Journal Article

    • Kuchta, M. A. (2011). Late Quaternary Terarce and Long Profile Development in the Lower Chippewa Valley. Geological Society of America, 43.
    • Kuchta, M. A., & Gurke, K. (2011). Terrace Development Within the Lower Red Cedar River Valley. Geological Society of America, 43.
    • Kuchta, M. A. (2009). Late Pleistocene Climatic Influences on the Sedimentary Architecture of the Upper Mississippi Valley: Implications for Fossil Preservation and Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction. Geological Society of America.
    • Kuchta, M. A., Slaughter, R. W., & Geary, D. H. Full-glacial gastropods and rodents from Kulas . Current Research in the Pleistocene, 24, 170-172.

    PhD Thesis

    • Kuchta, M. A. (Unpublished). The paleoenvironmental significance of terrestrial gastropod fossils from the Upper (PhD Thesis). , 259.

    Master's Thesis

    • Kuchta, M. A. (Unpublished). Paleoenvironmental significance of nonmarine mollusca in the Luman Tongue of the Green River Formation, Wyoming (Master's Thesis). .



    • Kuchta, M. A. (September, 2014). Land Snails in the Tiffany Bottoms State Natural Area. Lower Chippewa River Alliance, WI.
    • Kuchta, M. A. (September, 2014). Healthy Prairie Soils. The Prairie Enthusiasts Prairie Days Event,
    • Kuchta, M. A. (July, 2014). . CONvergence convention, Bloomington, MN.
    • Wahl, S., Sombrio, A., Little, A. M., & Kuchta, M. A. (2012). Moisture and Terrestrial Gastropod Diversity in Dunn County. UW-Stout Research Day, Menomonie, WI.
    • Kuchta, M. A., & Zimmerman, T. A. (2012). Scaling the Fourth Dimension: Improving student knowledge development using high speed and time lapse video. UW-System Women & Science Program, Menomonie, WI.
    • Kuchta, M. A., Nadziejka, B., & Zimmerman, T. A. (October, 2012). Box Kinect and Em2 stream table: Tools for analysis of Quaternary fluvial geomorphology. LU-R1 Research Project Poster Presentations,
    • Kuchta, M. A. (May, 2012). Balancing Content Delivery With Knowledge Development Using Concept Sketches. UW-System Women & Science Program, Menomonie, WI.
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    • Kuchta, M. A. (May, 2010). Snails and Natural History of the Tiffany Bottoms Natural Area. The Prairie Enthusiasts,
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    • Kuchta, M. A. (September, 2009). BioBlitz, gastropod specialist. Western Wisconsin Land Trust, Sherman Creek, WI.
    • Kuchta, M. A. (February, 2009). Birding 101: Bird Identification Basics” for the Great Backyard Bird Count. Western Wisconsin Land Trust,
    • Kuchta, M. A. (2008). Digging Dinosaurs. , Altoona, WI.
    • Kuchta, M. A. (November, 2008). Environmental Significance of Late Pleistocene Terrestrial Gastropods. ,
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    • Kuchta, M. A. (March, 2007). Biotic Response of Terrestrial Gastropods to late Pleistocene Climate Change. ,
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    • Kuchta, M. A. (February, 2006). Ecophenotypy of Goniobasis tenera, Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming. , Dutluth, MN.
    • Kuchta, M. A. (May, 2005). Gems: The Science Behind the Sparkle. , Madison, WI.
    • Kuchta, M. A. (February, 2005). Jurassic Dinosaurs at the Westphal Quarry, Wyoming. Graduate Seminars, University of Wisconsin – Madison Department of Geoscience, Madison, WI.
    • Kuchta, M. A. (April, 2004). Career Day” interview about careers in paleontology. ,

Grants, Contracts, and Sponsored Research


    • Kuchta, M. A., Paulson, N., & Nold, S. C. REU: Linking Applied Knowledge and Environmentals Studies (LAKES). Sponsored by NSF-REU, $300000.
    • Kuchta, M. A. Advancing Science Learning (Brian McAlister lead PI). (Funded).
    • Little, A. M., Church, J., Bomar, C., & Kuchta, M. A. NSF-DEB Wetland Research Grant (Senior Personnel). Sponsored by NSF, $550000 (Funded).
    • McAlister, B., & Kuchta, M. A. Advancing Science Learning. Sponsored by UW-System Wisconsin Improving Teacher Quality Program, $38701.
    • Little, A. M., Church, J., & Kuchta, M. A. RUI: Testing metacommunity models in forested vernal wetlands using a multi-taxa, multi-year approach. Sponsored by NSF-DEB, $550000.
    • Kuchta, M. A. Faculty Research Initiative: Red Cedar Geomorphology. $7000 (Funded).
    • Kuchta, M. A. State Wildlife Grants (SWGs). (Funded).
    • Kuchta, M. A. University of Wisconsin System Women in Science Grant. (Funded).
    • Kuchta, M. A. State Wildlife Grants (SWGs). (Funded).
    • Perez, K. E., Theler, J., Nekola, J., Hyde, T., Kuchta, M. A., & Little, A. M. Wisconsin land snail database and surveys in the Driftless area. Sponsored by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources State Wildlife Grant, $49971.

Media Contributions


    • Secrets of the Earth, Season 2 on The Weather Channel (October 20, 2014)



    • TED youth 2013 event speaker (November 2013)

      The Science of Sand

Reviewer / Editor

    Manuscript Reviewer

    • Natural Areas Journal (2014)
    • Holocene (2011)

    Manuscript reviewer

    • Current Research in the Pleistocene (2009)

Awards, Fellowships, Honors, and Scholarships


    • Literacy in Science (Forest Shcultz lead PI), (2013)


    • Lawrence University IDEA Fellowship, (1996)

Professional Memberships

  • The Prairie Enthusiasts
  • Geological Society of America



    • UW-Stout Faculty Senate, CSTEM at-large representative (2014 - Present)
    • Coordinator, Environmental Science Program, Land Resources Concentration (February 2013 - Present)


      UW Stout

      • Advisor , Analysis of gastropod ecological data for a GIS habitat conservation model (2010 - Present)
      • Student Research Advisor, Symposium Posters for PHYS-358 (2013 - 2014)
      • Committee Member, January Professional Development Committee, Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center (September 2012 - May 2013)
      • Student Research Supervisor, Western Wisconsin Land Snail Survey (2010 - 2012)
      • Student Research Advisor, Terrestrial gastropod diversity – hotspot analysis for conservation (2010)
      • Student Research Advisor, Analysis of terrestrial gastropod ecological data for a GIS-based habitat conservation model (2008 - 2010)

      University of Minnesota- Duluth

      • Preparation and photogrammetry of a dinosaur fossil slab (2007 - 2008)

      University of Wisconsin-Madison

      • Student Research Advisor, Taphonomy of Pleistocene terrestrial gastropods from southwestern Wisconsin (2006 - 2007)


    • Member, January Professional Development Committee (September 2012 - May 2013)
    • Supervisor, Fossil Preparation Lab, University Minnesota – Duluth (2007 - 2008)
    • Geology Museum tour guide , University of Wisconsin Madison (1998 - 2005)