Ursula Murray Husted

MFA, PhD, Cartoonist

Office: 189 Micheels Hall
Phone: 715/232-1547
Email: hustedu@uwstout.edu


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

PhD, Design Communication

Research Interests

  • Memetics and Meme Behavior
  • Internet Subcultures
  • Cultural Production and Innovation in the Digital Environment 
  • Digital Ethnography/Ethnology
  • Creative Production in Comics/Sequential Art 
  • Creative Production in Experimental Animation
  • Comics/Sequential Art in Information Design

Courses Taught

  • DES-379/579 Comic Studio 
  • DES-378/578 Comic Studio: Special Topics
  • DES-490 Senior Seminar 
  • DES-176 Introduction to Digital Narrative 
  • DES-378/578 Animation Studio 
  • DES-321 DES- 321 Digital Imagery Studio: Focus in Character Design and Concept Art 
  • GDD-325 2D Game Design and Development