Carolyn Heitz

Office: 140 Vocational Rehabilitation

Office Phone: (319) 294-8452

Dr. Carolyn Heitz teaches two courses: Assessment and Evaluation of Reading and Language Development and Practicum in Reading Difficulties.

Dr. Carolyn Heitz, a specialist in research based reading strategies, has taught both undergraduate and graduate level literacy and reading assessment courses at the University of Northern Iowa and served as a Language Arts Curriculum Director at the K-12 level.

Her extensive experience includes K-12 staff development focused on effective instructional strategies and diagnostic assessment in the following language arts areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension of text, writing and spelling.

Enjoy Carolyn’s personalized attention, coaching and feedback and gain from an experienced reading teacher by participating in this online course.

E-mail your comments or questions to Dr. Heitz at

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