Maren Hegsted

Ph. D.
Food and Nutrition

Office: 205 Heritage Hall
Phone: 715/232-2545


Ph. D. Nutritional Sciences

  • Physiology minor
    • "Calcium Metabolism in Man as Affected by Time and the Level of protein and Phosphorus Intake"
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S. Nutritional Sciences

  • "Evaluation of the Protein Quality of Four Alfalfa Protein Concentrates"
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S. Food and Nutrition

  • Magna cum Laude
    • University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Research Interests

Health and nutritional benefits of functional foods

  • The effects of fermentable carbohydrates on physiologic parameters such as food intake, weight gain, body fat accumulation, etc.
  • Health benefits of Wisconsin food products
  • Glycemic effects of foods and food combinations

My research program at UW Stout is just starting with a Discovery Center project on the hydration benefit of xanthan gum thickened beverages for individuals with dysphagia.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses:

  • FN 124 Foods
  • FN 222 Food Technology
  • FN 212 Nutrition
  • FN 244 Farm to Fork

Graduate courses:

  • FN 728 Introduction to Food and Nutritional Science Research
  • FN 729 Research Proposal for Food and Nutritional Sciences