Jennifer Grant

Ph.D. Pharmacology, M.S. Biochemistry

Office: 234F Jarvis Hall - Science Wing
Phone: 715/232-5025


Postdoctoral Fellowship, NHLBI Proteomics Center at MUSC; Charleston, SC

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Center for Advanced Proteomics; Newark, NJ

NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship, UW-Madison; Physiology

Ph.D. Pharmacology; UW-Madison

M.S. Biochemistry; Case Western Reserve University

B.A. Biochemistry; Oberlin College

Research Interests

Neuroscience; autism and multiple sclerosis cardiac hypertrophy

The influence of gender on heart development

Novel proteomes

Post-translational modifications

Quantifying peptide toxins present in lakes

MALDI Mass Spectrometry

Courses Taught

Bio101 Introduction to Biology

Bio470 Advanced Biotechnology

Chem311 Biochemistry

Bio210 Biotechnology Issues (online)



Quantification of Protein Expression Changes in the Aging Left Ventricle of Rattus norvegicus Journal of Proteome Research (2009) 8: 4252-4263.

National Presentations with Students

Doerr,KW and Grant, J.E. (2012) ProfilingMicrocystin Toxins in the Red Cedar Watershed. 60th Conference forthe Amer. Society for Mass Spec; Vancouver BC, Canada. Poster.

Fouks,JR and Grant, J.E. (2011) UsingIntegrated Lectin Chromatography Workflows. National Conference onUndergraduate Research; Missoula, MT. Poster.

Hill,R.C.; Little, M.; Carlson, K and Grant,J.E. (2010) News from the Proteomic Front Line in the Fight Against anInvasive Strain of Alliara petiolata. National Conference on UndergraduateResearch; Ithaca, NY. Poster.

Rogers,K.M.; Adikari, K.; Doerr, K.; Meyer, G.; Minton, J.J. ; Fouks, J.R.; and Grant, J.E(2010) Optimization of Lectin AffinityChromatography for Use in iTRAQ Studies: Integrating Research and Training inthe Undergraduate Proteomics Laboratory Course. 58th Conference forthe Amer. Society for Mass Spec; Salt Lake City, UT. Poster.


  • NeXXt Fellow
    • NY Academy of Sciences/US Department of State
    • 2013
  • iCollaborative Pre-Health Collection Award (Chemistry)
    • American Association of Medical Colleges
    • 2013
  • Milton Pella Award
    • Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers
    • 2013
  • Outstanding Researcher of the Year
    • University of Wisconsin-Stout
    • 2012
  • Front and Center Award
    • Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers
    • 2012
  • Curious Stout Innovator
    • University of Wisconsin-Stout
    • 2011
  • Libraries Research Fellow
    • University of Wisconsin
    • 2012


Research Opportunities Possible- Proteins!!!

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MALDI mass spectrometry research, click on the picture to read the article!

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