Steven Deckelman

Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science

Office: 305 Jarvis Hall - Science Wing
Phone: 715/232-1214


Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1994

M.A., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.A., Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1985

Research Interests

Complex Analysis in One and Several Variables

Mathematical Biology including Bioinformatics and Computational Neuroscience

Mathematical Modeling in Biology and Food Science

Courses Taught

Real Analysis I (Math 450)

Calculus I (Math 153) (Life Sciences Emphasis)

Elementary Statistics (Stat 130)


A Multiplicative Analogue of the Reynolds Operator and Construction of Invariants, with Jennifer Graetz and Tyler Russel, To appear in the Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics

Teaching Bioinformatics in a Mathematics Department, MAA Notes #81, Undergraduate Mathematics for the Life Sciences, 2013
An Invariant-Theoretic Property of Certain CR Mappings, Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 2012

Absolutely Continuous Hardy-Sobolev Functions in the Unit Disc, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 340 (2008), pp 1433-1451

Using Interdisciplinary Curricula in a Senior Capstone Course: A Case Study in Mathematical Biology, Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, September 2003

Failure of Privalov's Theorem on Flat C2-ε curves in the unit ball of C2, Complex Analysis: Theory and Applications, Volume 31, pp 281-298, 1996