Naveen Chikthimmah

Ph. D.
Food and Nutrition

Office: 369 Heritage Hall
Phone: 715/232-5332



  • Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Biotechnology

Advanced Degrees

  • M.S. in Food Science
  • Ph. D. in Food Science

Courses Taught

FN 115 Principles of Food Industry

FN 222 Food Technology 

FN 244 Farm to Fork-Food Issues

FN 396/596 Food Science Workshop (lab course)

FN 350/550 Food Processing

BIO 406/606 Food Microbiology (lab course)

FN 410/610 Food Policy, Regulation and Law

FN 438/638 Experimental Foods (lab course)

FN 480/680 Research Critiques in Food Microbiology

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award

  • Outstanding School of Education Partner

  • UW Stout Emerging Outstanding Researcher Award Nominee

Professional Organizations



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