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Lisa Chamberlin

Office: 140 Vocational Rehabilitation
Phone: 509/540-9222

Lisa Chamberlin teaches EDUC 761 Creating Collaborative Communities in E-learning. She has over twenty-one years of experience in education.

Lisa Chamberlin earned her undergraduate degree in English from Central Washington University and completed a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Technology Education from City University in Bellevue, Washington.

Co-author of Twitter in Higher Education chapter in Educating Educators with Social Media. (2011). Emerald Publishing: Bingley, UK. 

Also, Lisa co-authored the textbook:

Lehmann, Kay and Lisa Chamberlin (2009). Making the Move to eLearning: Putting Your Course Online. Rowman & Littlefield Education Publishers. Available in hard back, soft cover, and Kindle.

Since earning her M. Ed. degree, she's been working as an educational leader in public education and more recently focusing on professional development for educators to convert courses for online delivery, as well as developing online and hybrid courses in the community college setting for traditionally underserved students.

Lisa has taught in a variety of states from small, rural schools in southeastern Washington to large, urban settings on the east coast of Virginia. Ms. Chamberlin was instrumental in bringing technology to the rural social studies classroom by developing credit recovery coursework through the creation of online classes, as well as working with her onsite students utilizing technology to create an interactive, fluid curriculum that students could see as current and relevant to the world around them.

When she is not teaching, Lisa is a freelance instructional designer/consultant for both corporate and academic enterprises, bringing the message of good course design, community, and the power of learning through social media to her work.

Lisa's recent professional development seminar presentations have included, “Creating Rubrics that Work”, “This Blackboard Doesn't Need Chalk”, “Making GradeQuick Make Grading Quick – and Easy”, and “Turning the Lights on to Learning Styles”.

In 1996, Lisa was selected as a US West/NEA/Learning Space Award recipient, and in 2001 she was selected for the Teacher Leadership Project by the Gates Foundation.

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