Desiree Budd

Psychology Department
College of Education, Health and Human Sciences

Office: 242 Jeter Hall
Phone: 715-232-2669

Intellectual Contributions


    • Parsons, A. M., Budd, D., Donnelly, M., Hopp, J. J., Tafalla , R., & Wood, S. (2008). C-NERVE (Cognitive Neuroscience Education and Research-Valued Experience) : An undergraduate program. , Society for Neuroscience.

Grants, Contracts, and Sponsored Research


    • Parsons, A. M., Tafalla, R., Budd, D., Donnelly, M., & Li, P. C-NERVE: Cognitive-neuroscience education and research-valued experience. Sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF), $135000.
    • Parsons, A. M., Tafalla, R., Budd, D., Connelly, M., Kapus, J., & Deckleman, S. Minor in Cognitive Science. Sponsored by Curricular Incubation Center, UW-Stout.