Dr. Eric Brey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin - Stout
School of Hospitality Leadership
College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences

Office: 438 Heritage Hall
Phone: 715-232-2567
Email: breyer@uwstout.edu

Brief Biography

Eric T. Brey, Ph.D., is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Hospitality Leadership at the University of Wisconsin-Stout where he teaches and conducts research in the areas of organizational strategy, marketing effectiveness and business development. He has received numerous scientific awards for his research which has been published in the Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, and the Journal of Travel Research amongst other journals, been recognized for innovation as one of the most extraordinary minds in hospitality marketing by HSMAI, and regularly quoted in international media outlets including Forbes, Business Week, China Post, USA Today, New York Post, Washington Post, and CBS News. As a teacher-scholar passionate about working with industry to improve organizational outcomes, he’s had the privilege of working with leading hospitality and tourism companies, entrepreneurs and technology start-ups, boutique market research firms, healthcare providers, domestic and international government organizations, popular television figures, and numerous industry associations.

Research Interests: Marketing effectiveness, Organizational strategy, Business development


    • Ph D Hospitality and Tourism
      Purdue University
      Lafayette, IN, IN, United States, 2006

Work Experience

Intellectual Contributions

    Journal Article

    • Pierce, Karl, & Brey, E. (2012). Role of workplace romance policies and practices on individuals’ intention to pursue employment. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 27(3), 237-263.
    • Brey, E. (2011). A taxonomy for resorts. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 52(3), 283-290.
    • Brey, E. (2011). Developing a better understanding of resort management: An inquiry into resort practices. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 20(1), 79-102.
    • Choi, Lehto, & Brey, E. (2011). Investigating resort loyalty: Impacts of the family life cycle. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 20(1), 121-141.
    • Brey, E., Lehto, & Klenosky (2011). Understanding resort-marketing practices. Journal of Tourism Insight, 2, 1-22.
    • Klenosky, & Brey, E. (2010). Permission to promote: A conjoint investigation of e-newsletter preferences. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 7(3/4), 173-189.
    • Brey, E., & Choi (2010). Standard hospitality elements: A performance and impact analysis. Journal of Tourism Insight, 1, 21-35.
    • Brey, E., & Lehto (2008). Changing family dynamics: A force of change for the family-resort industry. International Journal of Hospitality Industry, 27(2), 241-248.
    • Brey, E., Klenosky, Lehto, & Morrison (2008). Standard hospitality elements at resorts: An empirical assessment. Journal of Travel Research, 47(2), 247-258.
    • Zurburg, Brey, E., & Wilborn (2008). Where the business of hospitality begins. Business Perspectives, 19(1), 10-17.
    • Brey, E., Morrison, & Mills (2007). An examination of destination resort research. Current Issues In Tourism, 10(5), 415-442.
    • Brey, E., & Lehto (2007). The relationship between daily and vacation activities. Annals of Tourism Research, 34(1), 160-180.
    • Brey, E., So, Kim, & Morrison (2007). Web-based permission marketing: Segmentation for the lodging industry. Tourism Management, 28(6), 1408-1416.

Awards, Fellowships, Honors, and Scholarships


    • Cengage Pride/Ferrell Innovations in Teaching, Finalist, Soceity of Marketing Advances (2015)
    • Outstanding Reviewer, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (2012)
    • Top Web-Savvy Professor Designation, (2012)
    • Memphis’ Finest Young Professional, (2011)
    • Top Marketing Professor, Social Media Marketing Magazine (2011)
    • Excellence in Research Award, RCRA Annual Conference (2009)
    • Extraordinary Mind in Marketing, HSMAI (2009)
    • National Award for Collegiate Engagement, HSMAI (2008)
    • Best Research Paper, CHRIE Annual Conference (2005)
    • Outstanding Reviewer, CHRIE Annual Conference (2005)
    • Outstanding Student of the Year Designation, University of Wisconsin-Stout (2003)
    • Wisconsin Tourism Career Initiative Award, Wisconsin Tourism Career Initiative (2003)
    • Wisconsin Tourism Career Initiative Award, Wisconsin Tourism Career Initiative (2002)
    • Army Achievement & Reserve Achievement Medals, Army (2001)


    • Chief Marketing Officer Council Member, (2013)
    • Featured Lecture Presentation, (March 2012)
    • Feature Article - Journal of Tourism Insights, (2010)


    • AT&T Fellow for Technology in Teaching, AT&T (2008)
    • AT&T Fellow for Technology in Teaching, AT&T (2007)
    • Purdue University Ross Fellowship Award, Purdue University (2003)

Professional Memberships

  • Marketing Management Association