Melody Brennan

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Melody Brennan


Office: 118 Heritage Hall
Phone: 715/232-5450


Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy Education
Doctoral concentration: Diverse Learners
Currently Enrolled: Expected Graduate Date-May 2016

Certificate of E-Learning and Online Teaching
University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie
Graduated April 2008

M.A. Master of Arts in Education
Thesis: Providing a Meaningful and Empowering Experience for
All Learners, While Schools are Growing More Diverse
St. Mary's University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Graduated January 2002

B.S. Elementary Education
Minor: Biology
Middle School Concentration Specialist: English/Language Arts and
Social Studies
Graduated January 1998

Research Interests

  • Differentiation Strategies and Curriculum Design for Diverse Learners
  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Arts Integration

Courses Taught

Assistant Professor: Teaching, Learning and Leadership Department

·Advise 100+ undergraduate students in Early Childhood Education

·Supervisor of Teacher Candidates

·edTPA Pilot Program Coordinator


Instructor for TEACH Precollege Summer Program

·2-week summer precollege program for high school students who want to explore careers in teaching

·Teach Foundations of Education course


Courses Currently Teaching:

·ECE 305 Primary Education

·ECE 415 Early Childhood Curriculum: Science/Social Studies

·ECE 426 Classroom Management for Primary Grades

·EDUC 309/509 Methods, Materials, and Management for Middle Childhood Education

·EDUC 310/510 Middle Childhood: Curriculum and Methods for Teaching Science

·EDUC 311/511 Middle Childhood: Curriculum and Methods for Teaching Mathematics

Courses Taught:

·EDUC 326 Foundations of Education

·ECE 412 Early Childhood Curriculum: Social Studies

·ECE 426 Classroom Management for Primary Grades