Innoussa Boubacar

Social Science

Office: T-317 Tainter Hall
Phone: 715/232-1509


  • PhD.      Economics      University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • M.S.      Economics      University of Nebraska Omaha
  • Maitrise    Sciences Economiques      Universite du Benin, Togo (Lome)
  • Licence    Sciences Economiques      Universite du Benin, Togo (Lome)

Research Interests

  • International Trade
  • International Finance
  • Economic growth and development
  • Land use and land management
  • Spatial econometrics

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Macroeconomics (Econ 210)
  • Environmental and Resource Economics (Econ 350)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (Econ 215)
  • Economic Development (Econ 425)
  • Intermediate MicroeconomicsInternational Economics (Econ 480)
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics  (Econ 415)
  • Money, Banking, and Financial Institutions (Econ 435)
  • Business Statistics
  • Economics for MBA
  • Research Methods (APSS 400)
  • International Finance 

Selected Publications

(2013): The Effect of Land Reform on Poverty: The Case of Southern African Development Community (SADC) Countries, Forthcoming, Economic Papers, (With Gibson Nene, UM-Duluth)

(2013): Analysis of Small Business Owners Perception of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Evidence from Wisconsin Farmers, Forthcoming, EMFM, 9(1), (with Samuel Foster)

(2013): Economic Implications of Climate Change: Evidence from Agricultural Productivity, Forthcoming, IJGW. 

(2012): Neighboring Effects of Deforestation: Spatial Econometric Approach, Environmental Economics, 3(3): 74-84.

(2012): The Impact of Climate Change on Crop Yields and Yield Variability: An Economic Assessment, IJEF, 4(12):15-24.

Working Papers

  • U.S. FDI in Space and Exports in OECD Countries 
  • Dwindling - Effects of Subsidies on International Trade of Refined Sugar (Yaya Sissoko, Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
  • "Commodity Export Concentration and Economic Growth in Africa: The China Effect." (with Gibson Nene and Ariuna Taivan, UM-Duluth) 
  • The Effect of Land Reform on the Economic Growth of Southern African Development Community Countries (With Gibson Nene & Bedassa Tadesse, UM-Duluth)
  • Experiential vs. Lecture-based teaching: Does the Choice of Instructional Methodology Enhance Student Performance in Principles of Economics Courses? (With Fassil Fanta, UW Stout)