Charles Bomar


Charles Bomar

Office: 102 Jarvis Hall - Science Wing
Phone: 715/232-4053


1993 Ph.D in Entomology
University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming

1986 B.S. General Biology
Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado

1983 A.S. General Science
Front Range C. C., Westminster, Colorado

Research Interests

My research involves comparing remnant and restored/reconstructed prairies. My primary method of comparison uses insects, grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae). I am currently working on the habitat requirements for Schistocerca lineata Scudder on remnant prairies in western Wisconsin.

I also consult with industry and non-profit organizations. My past work has involved surveying for endangered plants, stored grain insect infestations, pest management problems, and insect sampling.

Courses Taught

Since 1994 I have taught a variety of courses in the biology department. My teaching focuses on engaging students, both majors and non-majors, in and out of the classroom. Students are engaged through discussions, group projects and service learning. I am a firm believer that students need to participate in the community, on and off campus.

BIO-111: Science Society and the Environment
BIO-135/6: Biology for Applied Science/Ecology and Evolution
BIO-255: The Biology of Flyfishing
BIO-444: Problem Solving in the Environment (to be offered Spring 2008)

Professional Organizations

Orthopterists Society, Executive Director 2006-Present
The Prairie Enthusiasts
Society for Ecological Restoration
National Science Teachers Association
Trout Unlimited


Student Research Presentations

Hurtgen, B., S. Nold and C.R. Bomar. 2005. Molecular Analysis of the Red-Legged Grasshopper within Relic and Restored Prairies. Posters at the Rotunda, UW Undergraduate Research Symposium (Oshkosh) and UW-Stout Research Day.

Stodola, L., C. R. Bomar, and S. Nold. 2005. Morphometric Analysis of Red-legged Grasshopper, Melanoplus femurrubrum (De Geer), Populations from Relic and Restored Prairies. Posters at the Rotunda, UW Undergraduate Research Symposium (Oshkosh) and UW-Stout Research Day.

Kneeland, A. 2002. Germination of the fragile prickly pear cactus Opuntia fragilis Haworth . Presented at National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR)at UW-Whitewater and UW-Stout Research Day.

Secrist, E. W. and C. R. Bomar. 1999. Rapid assessment of prairie quality: Identifying insect indicators. North-Central Branch Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Des Moines, IA.

Teaching Presentations

James, K and C. R. Bomar.  2009.  Integrating Water Quality Monitoring & Service Learning in University Science Labs.  Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences. Madison, WI

Bomar, C. R. and S. C. Nold 2009. Grasshopper phylogeny: bringing exploration to science education.  10th International Congress of Orthopterology, Antalya, Turkey.

Bomar, C. R. 2005. Liberal Arts, General Education and The Biology of Fly fishing.UW- Stout Center for Teaching and Learning.

Hall R., J. Bowe, C.R Bomar. 2004. Schoolyard Ecological Restorations: Where are the oak savannas? Wisconsin Association of Environmental Educators.

Hydorn, D., and Bomar, C.R. 2004 “The progressive provocateur: providing leadership in a non-leadership role” at Project Kaleidoscope’s national meeting for Faculty for the 21st Century in Dallas, TX.


Research Publications

Bomar, C. R. 2009. Postage stamps matter: the importance of small prairies.  Ecological Restoration v27 (4).  In press.

Bomar, C.R., *A. Kneeland, and *J. Smallhoover, 2007. Pollination and seed viability of the fragile prickly pear cactus,

Opuntia fragilis (Nuttall) Haworth in western Wisconsin. Haseltonia (in revision)

Kirk, K and C.R. Bomar. 2005. A field guide to the Grasshoppers of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. (out of print) Miscellaneous Publication #1008 150pp

Bennett, J.P., C.R. Bomar, and C.A. Harrington. 2003. Effects of lichens on flowering of Opuntia fragilis in West-Central Wisconsin. American Midland Naturalist. 150:221-230.

Bomar, C. R, and *E.W. Secrist. 2002. Grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) associated with Prairie remnants in the Lower Chippewa River State Natural Area (LCRSNA) of western Wisconsin. Journal of Orthoptera Research,11:37- 41.

Bomar, C.R.. 2001. Comparison of grasshopper (Orthoptera: Acrididae) communities on remnant and reconstructed prairies in western Wisconsin. Journal of Orthoptera Research, 10:105–112.

Teaching Publications

*May, L, J. *Kotke, and C. R. Bomar. 2006. But It’s Just a Bottle of Water… National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

Bomar. C. R. 2003.The Rocky Mountain Locust: Extinction and the American Experience National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

Bomar, C. R., P. Fitzgerald, and K. Geist. 1999. Ritual in Restoration: A Model for Building Communities. Ecological Restoration. 17:67-74.

*=undergraduate author

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Teaching Award, UW-Stout 2006-2007
Merle Price Faculty of Excellence UW-Stout-2006
Stream Monitoring Award- UW-Extension & WDNR-2006
Fulbright Scholar - Kazakhstan-2004
Sabbatical, UW-Stout-2003-2004
Elected faculty for the 21st Century-Project Kaleidoscope-2002
Maybelle Ranney Price Professorship-2001-2002
UW-Stout Researcher of the Year Award-1999
Cooperative Research Achievement Award, UW-Stout 2006