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MANAGE my event. Whether you're planning a conference with international participation, a national symposium, regional workshop or local meeting, UW-Stout Professional Education is qualified to make your next event an outstanding success.

DEVELOP my product. Taking your product idea from concept to reality can be daunting, especially if you're unfamiliar with research protocols, cost analyses, manufacturing issues, legalities, commercialization, etc. Let Discovery Center help.

ENHANCE my professional skillset. Empower yourself as a lifelong learner! Register today for UW-Stout Professional Education business training, adult educational programs, conferences, workshops, and more.

INCREASE my sales. Where are your new markets? What could your new products and messages be? Let UW-Stout's Manufacturing Outreach Center provide the innovative tools and expertise to spark growth for your company.

REDUCE my costs. Reduce working capital costs, eliminate waste, promote operational improvements, and improve your customer satisfaction rate with guidance from the experts at UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center.

ENGAGE my employees. UW-Stout Discovery Center is ready to help you achieve personal and professional development goals for your staff and yourself. Check out our skill building seminars, customized trainings, leadership offerings, and more.

RESEARCH my unique challenge. Got a business or manufacturing challenge that's not easily defined? Let us know!

Fab Lab Workshop
Teachers Learn Design, Digital Technology

Teachers from five school districts in northern Wisconsin spent a week in June at University of Wisconsin-Stout's Fab Lab working on a seemingly small problem: How to make it easier to open a pop top on an aluminum can. Being teachers, however, they knew the problem placed before them was about much more than pop top technology.

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Red Cedar River Watershed

Red Cedar River Water Quality Partnership

Local and regional partners in a new collaborative effort, led by University of Wisconsin-Stout, the Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, are ready to harness their resources to improve water quality in the Red Cedar River watershed.

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