WinTerm 2017

Registration Begins October 20, 2016

WinTerm course search is available on Access Stout. UW-Stout Students can follow these helpful step-by-step guides to view your enrollment date and search for courses.

New Students can search classes by selecting "Search for classes" on Access Stout. For additional help finding WinTerm classes, please use our Class Search Walkthrough guide.

New - Non-Degree Seeking Students

For new non-degree seeking students who are not continuing on to the next term, a WinTerm Registration Form must be filled out online and submitted. Once the WinTerm Registration form has been received and processed, a letter will be sent out with further instructions for completing the Fee Payment Agreement, which is required before registration can begin.

After completing your Fee Payment Agreement, follow these helpful step-by-step guides to view your enrollment date and search for courses. For additional help finding WinTerm classes, please use our Class Search Walkthrough guide.

Degree Seeking Students

Degree seeking students who are new & admitted for Fall 2017 and want to take a WinTerm course, should contact Admissions to backdate/change their admit term to 'winterm'.  A WinTerm registration form does not need to be submitted for degree seeking students.     

High School Students

High school special (non-degree) students must have their application for admission signed by one parent or guardian and a high school guidance counselor or principal. Transcript and fee are not required.

If a course you are registering for requires a prerequisite you completed at an institution other than UW-Stout, then you must forward an official transcript to UW-Stout Admissions Office to confirm completion of the prerequisite.

Credit Transfer Wizard

WinTerm credits can transfer to any University of Wisconsin school. To see how your credits will transfer, visit:

NOTE: All Students will be charged a fee of $15 for dropping any class after the initial online no penalty drop period. Follow this step by step guide to locate deadlines for dropping courses online.

WinTerm Courses

This is a partial list of courses being offered during WinTerm. 

For a complete list of courses, please search Access Stout.

ANTH 220 Cultural Anthropology (Online) 

BUACT 206 Intro to Fin Acct (Online) 

BUACT 206 Intro to Fin Acct (Online) 

BUACT 206 Intro to Fin Acct (Online) 

BUACT 207 Corp /Mangl Acct (Online) 

BUACT 207 Corp /Mangl Acct (Online) 

BUINB 260 Internat Business (Online) 

BUMGT 235 Management Ethics (Online) 

BUMGT 304 Principles of Man (CI) 

BUMGT 304 Principles of Man (Online) 

BUMGT 498 Bus Admin (Field Exp) 

BUMIS 333 MIS (Online) 

BUMKG 330 Principles of Marketing (Online) 

BUMKG 330 Principles of Marketing (Online) 

BUMKG 330 Principles of Marketing (Online) 

BURTL 419 Natl Study Tour (Field Exp) 

CNIT 484 Advanced Security and Auditing (Online) 

COMST 312 Intercultural Communications (Online) 

COUN 727 Mindfulness Applications in Counseling

CS 248 Web and Internet Programming

CTE 739 Intro to Res in Voc/Tech Ed (Online) 

CTE 995 CTE Dissertation Independent 

CTE 903 EDUC Leadership in CTE (Online) 

CTE 913 Program Planning, Dev and Eval (Online) 

CTE 995 CTE Dissertation Arranged 

CTE 995 CTE Dissertation Arranged 

CTE 995 CTE Dissertation Arranged 

DES 220 Introduction to 2D Digital Imaging (Online) 

ECON 210 Macro Economics (Online) 

ECON 215 Micro Economics (Online) 

EDPSY 730 Advanced Psyc of Learning (Online) 

EDPSY 730 Advanced Psyc of Learning (CI) 

EDUC 309 Middle Child Methods (Online) 

EDUC 313 Middle Child Language Arts (Online)

EDUC 509 Middle Child Methods (Online)

EDUC 513 Middle Child Language Arts (Online) 

ENGL 320 Business Writing (Online) 

GEM 311  Customer Experiences Management

GEOG 104 World Geography (Online) 

HIST 120 Early US History (Online) 

HIST 121 Modern US History (Online) 

HIST 210 Modern World History (Online) 

HT 150 Institutional Food Purchasing (Online) 

HT 360 Tourism for Persons with Disabilities 

HT 383 Yield Management (Online) 

HT 423 Wine and Food Pairing Abroad 

HT 450 Food Service Administration (Online)  

INMGT 300 Engineering Economy (Campus) 

INMGT 320/520 Quality Tools (Online) 

INMGT 400/600 Organizational Leadership (Campus) 

INMGT 400/600 Organizational Leadership (Online) 

LIT 304-001 American Folklore (Online; ResB)

MATH 118 Concepts of Mathematics

MUSIC 132 Music in Our World (Online) 

PE 201 Wellness and Social Responsibility (Campus) 

PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy (Online) 

PHIL 235 General Ethics (Online) 

PM 280 Hospitality Facility Mangement (Online) 

POLS 210 American Government (Online) 

PSYC 110 GEN PSY (Campus) 


PSYC 382/582 HRM (Campus) 

PSYC 485/685 RECRUIT & SELECT (Campus) 

SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology (Online) 

SOCWK XXX Social Work Certificate Course (CI-Online) 

SPED 305/505 Intro to ECSE (Online) 

STAT 130 Elementary Statistics 

THEA 232 Theatre in Our World (Online)

Additional Information

University Housing

Students who attend UW-Stout during fall semester and are registered for second semester can stay in their assigned dorm and go as you please. Students need an ID card for entry. If you have additional questions, you can contact: 

UW-Stout, University Housing
 170 Price Common

Campus Card

University of Wisconsin-Stout transitioned to a new photo ID card starting Fall 2015. The University of Wisconsin-Stout BlueCard replaced our existing Stout OneCard which was issued by Higher One. The new BlueCard is an instant-issue photo ID card with all of the same on-campus functionality. Any students or employees who have not received their new BlueCard may pick up their card at the Campus Card Office, 110 Price Commons.


Textbooks and other required resources for your classes are available for loan at Instructional Resources Service (IRS) located on the west side, second floor, of the Library Learning Center. More information regarding textbook rental can be found on the Instructional Resource Services/Textbooks website.

On Campus Childcare

The Child and Family Study Center is not open during WinTerM

Parking Permit

WinTerM parking permits are available through the Parking Services office. Students can stop in the Parking Office to purchase the permit. If they are unable to stop in, call Parking Services and someone in that office can take payment over the phone and mail the permit.