All offices, departments, units and individuals publishing websites on University servers are responsible for compliance with all pertinent laws and policies and database and software licensing agreements, both internal and external to the University, covering the use of University owned equipment and the information posted on that equipment. 

Copyright Law U.S. Code Title 17

The copyright law provides protection for work so the copyright holder may realize a profit from his or her labor. Copying without the permission of the copyright holder is prohibited. In addition, the holder of the copyright is entitled to royalties through licensing or royalty payments. Copyright compliance is the sole responsibility of the unit, department or individual publishing the information.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

This act signed into law in October 1998 provides new protections and responsibilities for both Web service providers and copyright owners concerning copyright infringement on the Internet. The DMCA defines the process whereby the holder of a copyright may seek redress for copyright infringement, and requires the University to appoint a designated agent to receive allegations of copyright infringement on Stout Web sites. The Executive Director of University Relations is that agent for Stout.

Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act 34 CFR 99

This federal act restricts access to personally identifiable information from student education records. In general, it is assumed that information stored on campus computing facilities and moving across data networks is confidential, whether protected by the computer system or data network or not, unless the owner intentionally makes the information available to other users. This includes data owned by the University as well as data stored on University computing resources by individuals. Confidentiality and privacy are of paramount importance, and conduct which involves the use of University computer resources or data networks to violate another’s privacy rights is subject to University disciplinary action.

Specific violations of this federal law include intentionally accessing a computer without authorization and thereby obtaining classified information or accessing a computer without authorization with the intent to defraud.

UW System Policy on Use of University Information Technology Resources

This policy, approved June 6, 1997 by the UW System Board of Regents, defines the context in which the dissemination and extension of knowledge, the free exchange of ideas, and effective support for the teaching, research and public service functions of the University may occur. The policy addresses issues ranging from access to resources, the dissemination of information, limitations on the use of resources, and responsibilities of the University and the individual.

UW-Stout Racist and Discriminatory Conduct Policy

This policy is being prepared for publication by Budget, Planning and Analysis. The implications for the Web will be printed here when information is available.

UW-Stout Policy No. 91-53 Sexual Harassment Policy

Information published on University servers must comply with this policy, which protects the University’s employees and students from sexual harassment and attempts to rid the University of such conduct.

Reasonable Accommodations Policy of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

To comply with ADA, the UW System requires Web sites to meet or exceed Priority 1 of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which explain how to conform to the federal act.

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Chapter UWS 8 and Chapter Pers 24

While these chapters of the Administrative Code do not refer specifically to information on the Web, they provide ethical standards of conduct for the appropriate use of one’s university position and university resources, including computing resources and Web servers. Standards for faculty and staff are established in Chapter 8, while Chapter 24 establishes standards for classified staff.

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Chapters UWS 14 and UWS 17

These chapters of the Administrative Code establish standards and disciplinary processes relating to academic and non-academic misconduct by students, including disruptions of University activities, damage to University facilities, harassment and similar matters.

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Chapter UWS 18 and UWS 21

These chapters of the Administrative Code govern conduct on University lands, and regulates the use of those facilities. UWS 18.06(45) and 18.06(46) define prohibited computer related activities in which persons may receive a non-criminal citation from University Police. These chapters apply to all members of the University community.

Wisconsin Statutes, section 943.70

Certain computer crimes are defined and prohibited by this statute.

Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 11

The use of state facilities for political activities by state employees is restricted by this statute.

UW-Stout Identity Standards

All pages containing official information must conform to the University Identity Standards. This manual, based on UW-Stout Identity and Publications Standards Policy 90-52, governs the use of the Stout logo, fonts and other design criteria.

UW-System Policy on Advertising, Sponsorship and Links on the Internet

This policy is currently in draft form and may affect UW-Stout’s publishing standards in the future.

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