The Google Search Appliance is server hardware and software that provides our own local Google search. It provides a sitewide search tool.

What does it do?

The Google Search Appliance creates a complete index of our website, and is continually updated. Because we have control of the appliance, we have options available to customize the search results based on the terms entered by users.

Keymatches and Synonyms

Keymatches prioritize and establish a specific result in response to a particular search term. For example, map will direct users to the Campus Guide and Map. Keymatches are highlighted in a light blue tint and appear at the top of the search results page.

Synonyms work on the same principle. If a user searches for majors, we suggest an alternative search for programs, which may yield better results.

Suggest Keymatch Terms for a Web site

If you'd like to suggest additional keymatches and synonyms for a specific Web site, fill out and submit the form below.

So we can contact back with questions and inform when complete.

Enter the new search term(s). Ex. "campus map, directions, map"

See definitions below.

ex. "Campus Guide and Map"



KeyMatch Type

(none are case-sensitive)

If search query is "Abraham Lincoln"

Reason for KeyMatch


A word that must appear anywhere in query.

KeywordMatches = "Abraham" and "Lincoln"

If your KeywordMatch is "Abraham Lincoln", the search query must include both "Abraham" and "Lincoln" to trigger this KeywordMatch.
To get a KeywordMatch for either "Abraham" or "Lincoln," then enter two KeywordMatches: one for "Abraham" and one for "Lincoln."


A phrase that appears anywhere in query. For the phrase to match, all of the words must be present, the order of the words must be the same with no intervening words, and any hyphens in the query must be matched.

PhraseMatch =
"Abraham Lincoln," "President Abraham Lincoln," "Abraham Lincoln president," and "young Abraham Lincoln"

These are all phrase KeyMatches because the words appear in the order entered in the search query, "Abraham Lincoln."

"Abraham the Tall Lincoln" is not a PhraseMatch because "the Tall" separates the phrase "Abraham Lincoln."


Phrase must exactly match the query.

ExactMatch =
"Abraham Lincoln"

Only "Abraham Lincoln" is an ExactMatch for the query. "President Abraham Lincoln" and "Abraham Lincoln's" are not ExactMatches.