UW-Stout CMS  Custom Elements

The following custom elements are available for use on your website.  With the *one exception noted, they are under the UW-Stout CMS  Custom Elements category in the element gallery. The additional tabs on this page provide further information and usage examples for each of the elements.

Calendar RSS Feed Display

Allows filtering of an RSS Feed based on words in the title.

Cycle Slideshow

Allows placement of a small set of rotating images on a web page.

Drop-down Element Holder

Link toggles show/hide container


Allows faculty to add some elements to their profile page.

Item with Drop-down Text

Allows you to put an item on your site and toggle drop-down text underneath it. For example, a Frequently Asked Question that alternately shows/hides the answer when you click it.

*Reusable Custom Text Block

Provides a text block that can be placed on several pages and updated in a single location. 
*Note: This is under the UW-Stout Special Use Elements - webmaster use. Request webmaster assistance in setting one up.

RSS Feed Display

RSS Feed URL with a custom header and number of feed items to display when rendered as a list of links.

Two-column Element Bin

Provides side-by-side containers with an option to make them different widths.

Two-column Text

Provides side-by-side text blocks with an option to make them different widths.

UW-Stout Featured Quick Links

Quick links that can be featured in the right column (up to 10 links).

UW-Stout Right Column Highlights

A general-purpose custom element to feature text and image content in the right column.

UW-Stout Testimonial Quotes

Quotes or testimonials to be featured in the right column.

UW-Stout YouTube Video

Accepts video embed code from YouTube and other video sources and renders the video using the default YouTube player.