In order to encourage proper sportsmanship during play, the Intramural Sports Program has instituted this ratings system for player and team sportsmanship for all Intramural games. After each game, the officials, IM assistants, and supervisors rate each participating team on their sportsmanship. The final judgment is with the supervisor on duty.

3.6-4.0 points
Excellent attitude; a pleasure for officials and opponents to interact with. Team has winning and losing in perspective such that their conduct in all ways provides an example for the league and the program.

3.0-3.5 points
Team shows good sportsmanship and full cooperation with officials. Opponents are treated with respect. Obvious good attitude is demonstrated. No warnings, ejections, yellow cards or unsportsmanlike technical fouls.

2.5-2.9 points
Still shows cooperation with officials and opponents; however, some complaints and grumbling. Good attitude is missing on occasion. No blatant displays of bad attitude. Captain is in control of team. Team receives a maximum of one unsportsmanlike technical foul or yellow card per game. No red cards or ejections.

2.0-2.4 points
Continuous complaints to officials about calls and interpretations. Clear bad attitude or misunderstanding of the Spirit of Competition on the part of one or more players. Captain/manager is not in strong control of team’s players. Team may receive yellow cards or 1-2 unsportsmanlike technical fouls.

0-1.9  points
Blatant disregard for the Spirit of Competition, officials, and opponents. Play is dangerous with occasional intent to injure opponent. Captain/manager has no control of team conduct. Team receives multiple yellows or a red (ejection) card.

Behavior from individuals or teams, are documented at the completion of each game. Teams must maintain an average of 2.5 or better to be considered for playoffs. At any time before, during, or after a game/match, the Intramural staff may eject a player for exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct. In addition, they may stop the game at any point and declare a forfeit or a double forfeit if one or both teams are displaying excessive unsportsmanlike conduct.

Any use of profane language at any time before, during or after an Intramural sports activity is prohibited. Participants and spectators will be penalized based on our policies per sport. If at any time profane language is directed at a member of the Intramural Sports Staff, the violator will be ejected from the contest and will be penalized per our policies