Intramural Protests

Protest Policy

The following steps provide necessary information to lodge a protest:

Step 1 -The captain of the protesting team must announce to the official at the time of the incident the intent to file a protest. At that time, the official will explain the ruling. If the captain still disagrees with the official, the team captain is responsible for securing the supervisor. The team captain shall refuse to continue to play until the supervisor arrives and makes a ruling regarding the protest. Protest made after the conclusion of a game/match will not be accepted.

Step 2 - The ruling made by the supervisor will be final for that night. If the captain disagrees with the supervisor’s ruling, the captain must inform the supervisor they wish to play the remainder of the game under protest. At this time the supervisor will document the contest facts and file a report with the Intramural Sports Coordinator.

Step 3- The Intramural Sports Coordinator will rule on the protest during the next business day. If the protest is upheld the game will be replayed from the point at which the rule misinterpretation was made in order to correct the error. This decision will be made solely by the Intramural Sports Coordinator.