Training Resources

The Fitness Center is excited to provide the following resources that will aid you in developing a safe and effective workout. As always consult your physician before beginning a new workout plan.




Simple workout logs to help you keep track of your strength training progress. Check out all the logs and see which format works best for you.
Use these tools to help you increase your cardiovascular fitness or to train for an upcoming race.

Metabolic Testing

We offer metabolic testing at the Health & Fitness Center for a small fee. The metabolic analyzer accurately calculates the number of calories you would burn if you were to be at rest for 24 hours, this is called your resting metabolic rate (RMR) or maintenance calories. 
One of the most fundamental steps in losing weight is to accurately calculate the amount of calories you burn during the day at rest (RMR). How well a person loses weight depends on how accurately they can calculate their maintenance calories.  
There are over 150 equations to find the calories you burn at rest; however, these equations use a lot of assumptions and are prone to error. Hence they can only estimate or predict your RMR. The metabolic analyzer on the other hand, can accurately calculate your RMR without estimates or predictions. The metabolic analyzer is an indirect calculator and is considered to be the fold standard for calculating RMR. 
UW-Stout Students: $15
UW-Stout Faculty/Staff : $25

Included in Fee
-Printed analysis of your RMR along with the amount of calories required to lose or maintain your weight.
-Interpretation and explanation of the results by a certified personal trainer.
-Opportunity to ask certified personal trainer questions about results. 
How to Make a Reservation
Fill out the metabolic testing form waiver and pay at the Health & Fitness Center front desk. Once you have submitted and paid, you will be contacted within 24-48 hours to schedule an appointment (M-F). 
Email or call 715-232-1378 if you have any questions.

Test Preparation
The test only takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and involved breathing into a mouth piece. Below are some steps to help you prepare to get the most accurate results as possible during your test.
  1. Avoid eating a meal 4 hours prior to the test.
  2. Avoid exercising on the day of your test. This does not include normal activities.
  3. If possible, avoid the use of stimulants such as caffeine on the day of the test.