How Can I Hire a Trainer?

Fill out the personal trainer request form and submit it at the HFC front desk, along with payment. Once you have submitted and paid for your sessions, a personal trainer staff will contact you within a few days to schedule your initial appointment and fitness assessment.Personal Fitness Group

    Meet the Trainers!

Personal Training RatesStudentNon-Student
Program Development$20$25
5 Sessions$55$65
10 Sessions$95$110
20 Sessions$180$200
40 Sessions$340$370
Fitness Assessment (Included in session packages)$10$10
Body Composition Testing$3*$3*
Note: A UW-Stout Fitness Center membership is required for Personal Training services.

Why Have A Personal Trainer?

  • You get a customized program just for you, your goals, and your needs.
  • You get the undivided attention on the trainer for a full hour to walk you through your workout.
  • One-on-one motivation and attention from a certified trainer.
  • A program that focuses on all aspects of fitness.
  • You will get help setting your SMART goals.
  • Baseline testing and body fat measurements.
  • A certified trainer to teach you proper form and technique.
  • Instruction on how to use the equipment.

Additional Information

For any other questions, comments, or concerns contact the Health and Fitness Center. 715-232-1378 or