Sometimes all you need is a little help and motivation along the way to your fitness goals. Our personal trainers are here to help you by providing a tailored exercise program and fitness assessment to help you reach your fitness goals!
  • Customized strength training program with exercises, sets, reps and weights
  • Customized cardio routine for fat loss and to improve cardiovascular endurance
  • Learn safe and proper exercise technique in a variety of exercises
  • Flexibility routine with dynamic, static and mobility exercises
  • Basic nutrition and diet guidelines
  • Fitness Assessment
Personal Training RatesStudentNon-Student
Program Development$20$25
5 Sessions$55$65
10 Sessions$95$110
20 Sessions$180$200
40 Sessions$340$370
Fitness Assessment (Included in session packages)$10$10
Body Composition Testing$3*$3*
Note: A UW-Stout Fitness Center membership is required for Personal Training services.

How Can I Hire a Trainer?

Fill out the personal trainer request form and submit it at the HFC front desk, along with payment. Once you have submitted and paid for your sessions, a personal trainer staff will contact you within a few days to schedule your initial appointment and fitness assessment.

Meet the Trainers!

Floor Attendant

Our personal trainers are committed to helping you reach your goals, and to show you they are staffing the Health & Fitness Center at various times throughout the week to help you with any of the following for free!
      • Spot you on a lift
      • Correct or check your lifting form
      • Answer questions related to your training program
      • Answer general fitness programs
      • Provide you with valuable online resources

Additional Information

For any other questions, comments, or concerns contact the Health and Fitness Center. 715-232-1378 or