7 Weeks of Wellness

7 Weeks of Wellness is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.  Select one or all of our clinics to attend.  Sign up at the Health & Fitness Center (room 53 Sports & Fitness Center).  

1 clinic: $3
5 clinics: $9
7 clinics: $15

*Prices are only honored if you sign up for the designated amount of clinics at one time. 
*Refunds will not be granted unless for medical, military, or clinic cancellation purposes. 

Program Planning

If you are not ready to invest in a personal trainer to write a program for you, this is a great way to learn the ins and outs of writing your own training program. This clinic will be led by a certified personal trainer and will begin with establishing your training goals. From there we will learn how to determine the appropriate exercises and set/rep schemes to assist you in reaching your fitness goal. Participants should come dressed for light activity. 

Date: Monday, January 25      Time: 7-8:30pm     Location: West Gym

Monitoring Intensity During Exercise & Types of Cardio 

Learn how to manually monitor your exercise intensity for both individual and group exercise settings. This clinic will be led by certified fitness professionals. Learn about heart rate zones, RPE, and other methods to use in order to help you achieve your goals. We will discuss various types of cardio and when they are most beneficial.  Participants are invited to bring a heart rate monitor if they choose, but is not necessary. Please come dressed for activity. 

Date: Monday, February 1     Time: 7-8:30pm     Location: West Gym

Big Three

This clinic is designed to help you brush up on or learn the technique for proper bench press, squat, and deadlift. Learn cues and tips from a certified personal trainer to help you lift more weight and prevent injuries from poor form. This is a great clinic for those thinking of signing up for Stout's Annual Strength Competition. Participants should come dressed for activity. 

Date: Monday, February 8     Time: 7-8:30pm     Location: HFC

Aqua Fitness

Injured, on a rest day, or just looking to mix up your routine, this clinic will give you ideas of exercises that can be done in an aquatic setting. Aquatic fitness has many benefits including low impact for joints, working against a different kind of resistance, injury rehabilitation, and many more. Participants should come dressed to swim with their own towels and meet in the pool. 

Date: Monday, February 15     Time: 7-8pm     Location: Pool


This clinic is for beginner and intermediate level kettlebell users. In this clinic we will learn when using a kettlebell is more appropriate than dumbbells, as well as movements and how they can be progressed and regressed to fit your level of experience. Participants should dress for light activity. 

Date: Monday, February 22     Time: 7-8:30pm     Location: West Gym

Mental Health

In this clinic we will explore various methods to help you maintain a healthy mental status. Discussions built around exploring meditation, making gratitude a habit, cultivating positivity, and more will take place for you to learn about and discover what works best for you. 

Date: Monday, February 29     Time: 7-8:30pm     Location: TBD

Foam Rolling

This clinic will explore the science behind why myofascial release works and dive into self-massage techniques to release muscular tension. The activity portion will include a short yoga warm up and then use of various tools to relieve tight muscles and improve mobility and blood flow.  Participants should dress in active wear and are invited to bring a foam roller. 

Date: Monday, March 7     Time: 7-8:30pm     Location: West Gym
Poker Walk

Poker Walk 

Third Wednesday of May: May 11, 2016 | 11:30am -1:00pm | Start at corner of 10th & 3rd (by MSC) | FREE!
Celebrate Employee Health & Wellness Day by taking a walk around campus and playing a hand of poker.  Pick up a card at each of our five table along the course, the best hand at the end wins!

*Due to events occurring on campus around the third Wednesday in May, we have moved the event a week earlier.
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Fitness Frenzy

Please check back for our next Fitness Frenzy event!

Open to Faculty, Staff and Students
Join us for the Group Fitness Frenzy!  Each time you come to a UW-Stout Group Fitness class during the program, add a sticker to our chart by your name.  We will put all the top attendees into a drawing for a prize at the end of the program. Ask a group fitness instructor for more information.

*All participants must have a fitness center membership, group fitness only membership or a day pass to participate.