Toning With Weights Clinic

What will I get?

You will learn:

  • The basics of free weight training
  • Safe & proper exercise technique
  • A great variety of free weight exercises
  • A structured workout program including the number of sets, reps, & exercises. The exercises are organized to minimize fatigue and ensure proper muscle balance.

How is the class organized?

Hour 1: Upper Body Exercises (Pushing & Pulling)
Hour 2: Lower Body Exercises * Core Exercises & Workout Program Details

Both hours will be covered in one day. 

How many spots are available?

Only 6 - 8 spots are available.

The class is meant to be hands on and we want to make sure each trainer will not have more than 3 people to train.

How much is the registration Fee?

$10: HFC Student Members
$15: HFC Faculty/Staff/Family Members

When & Where?

Fall 2012 Dates:  October 24

Spring 2013 Dates:  February 19

Who are the Instructors?

HFC Certified Personal Trainers.


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