This page should be used as a resource for club officers and members to learn about Sport Clubs policies and procedures and quickly access important information, forms, and other resources. Clubs are also encouraged to contact the Sport Clubs Executive Board or the Assistant Coordinator of Sport Clubs with any questions directly related to their club.  

Sport Club Policies

The Sport Clubs Handbook details all policies and procedures for club members and officers. The handbook also includes explanations and uses for all required forms that are on this page.

Membership Form & Liability Waiver

The online membership form must be completed by anyone interested in joining a Sport Club prior to participating in club activities. This form includes members' responsibilities as stated in the Student Organization Code of Conduct, a liability waiver, and personal and emergency contact information

Budgeting Forms

Travel Forms

Other Important Forms & Resources

Annual Report (on OrgSync)
Event Schedule (on OrgSync)